Welcome to my blog! This blog is a place for me to explore the world of style, designers collections, shops and so on & I'm excited to begin!

This is what I wore to do some sales shopping a few days ago

I love the boots. They were a particularly cheap-n-cheerful purchase from high-street store Peacocks, which I dislike for clothes (it may just be me, but a lot of their wares seems quite childish and tacky), but has some hidden gems when it comes to cheap on-trend boots and shoes. I'm fully aware that they don't look in any way expensive, and the plastic heels will not last very long, but for the next few months I will certainly enjoy them.

I'm stressed about finding a house to rent when I move in with my coursemates next year. I love my current bedroom so much, despite the fact it is downstairs and so drunken students often bash on the windows when I'm asleep, and I know that my bedroom next year probably will not be as big and yellow... Boo.

Also I went shopping in Manchester yesterday and did really well with the sales... Until I popped into H&M and bought two full price dresses equalling £50. I'm having to sell an unworn Urban Outftters dress that I bought in Canada to my friend who loves it to fund my spending, though the dress would need taking in for me to wear it as its strapless and is too big to stay up, so I don't mind it being given a new home!


  1. love the boots, kinda balenciaga style

  2. omg these boots are so perfect, defo going to peacocks today, ice skater eat your heart out!!