These Boots Are Made For Basics

I'm going to be honest. I hate shopping... For basics. The need for a new pair of jeans or pair of sensible shoes fills me with dread. I got over the jeans-fear (these had been needed for a long while, as my previous pair of black drainpipes had multipul holes in the knees) just after Christmas and did the rounds trying on endless pairs of black skinnies until I found a good fit and rushed to the till, glad that it was over. Don't get me wrong, I like trousers, I don't mind denim... But the idea of going out in search for a basic item and that item only - especially one that might cost quite a bit of money if you want quality - is slightly depressing on my budget.

So now I am in that basics-blah again, as my old faithful pair of plain black ankle boots (bought from a vintage shop for £12 a year and a half ago) have officially died. I can't step out in the rain, or even damp, without soaking wet feet anymore, which is less than sensible and so I need to find a replacement pair, and they need to be leather so that they last a good while.

Do I want studs or is that silly since I want them to last season upon season? [£65 Topshop.com]

Or I really like this "Western" syle, also from Topshop [£75]...

It's hard not to get carried away looking at gorgeous heeled boots, like these Carvella ones from Kurtkeiger.com [£100]

...But I know that I need a flat pair to wear anywhere at any time. And so the search continues!