To Top It Off.

I accidently went shopping (on my budget, shopping trips are always accidental) early this week, but I didn't feel too bad as my purchase was something that I'd spotted a couple of months ago and admired, despite being unable to find the logic in paying £25 for it. However, this time I found it on the sale rack in Topshop's boutique section (its by "Upper 5th"), and snapped it up for £10. I'm a sucker for bow prints, and the neon green colour of the tee is spot on and so I was happy to wear it out on Tuesday night. Sadly I did not take a picture of the back, which is cut out with a large grey material bow at the bottom of the cut out. 

Yesterday was a not-so-accidental shopping trip to Cheetham Hill, an area of Manchester with a few not-bad charity shops and a retail park with a large Borders store. I bought the current issue of Pop magazine at Borders, to go with Danske, which I bought a week or so ago but haven't had the time to look through yet. Charity wise I found a floral mini skirt (£2.50) and a dark beige shoulder bag (£1), but also nipped into Tkmaxx and came out with a large patent bag in banana yellow... It is hideously amazing.

Photos of those later, but first here is what I wore for my shopping jaunt. A simple pencil skirt and tanktop, with some colour thrown on in the form of burgandy tights (which I later ripped by yanking them too hard, boohoo) and an Urban Outfitters cardigan.

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