Denim Dress

I've spent all evening browsing good old Etsy, as I'm after a new necklace. Found a few candidates in the form of ribcages, to go with my red anatomica heart necklace (from Paraphernalia's shop) that I absolutely love to wear. Since the valentines day present my boyfriend was going to get me fell through (The Audition gig tickets sold out and the touts didn't have any to sell on the night -sad-) I might ask for my new necklace as a gift =].

Anyway, here is what I wore for my friend's birthday meal + night out on Saturday. The dress I bought at this years Leeds Festival, though not actually AT the fest, but during a trip to the nearby Tesco supermarket to stock up, during which I wandered into the clothes section, fell in love and snapped it up. I'm also glad I wore flat shoes, as my feet were still  happy little things at 2am!


  1. I love how Grecian inspired your outfit is, with the lovely sandals.

  2. Cute dress, I loved the color-matching :)

  3. What a cute dress! I also think the T-Strap shoes are a really good touch.