Stress Stress

I'm trying to write up my parts of a group presentation I've got to do a week on Monday and its getting me stressed out. I can't find enough good points and have no idea if the rest of the group have got loads more written up for their sections or not =/. I'm meeting up with them at uni at 4pm, so I will see then.

I wore this outfit yesterday and didn't feel altogether comfortable at points with so much leg out, since I don't have the thinnest thighs. However, my boyfriend assured me I looked nice and you couldn't see my bum and so I was happy enough. Then as we walked through Primark in town as a warm shortcut a middle aged woman with her husband and kids gave me the most amusing look up and down with her eyebrows raised!

Despite my body issues legwise, this is hardly an eyebrow-raising outfit and so I've no idea what was going through her mind! She'd have had more to raise eyebrows about if she'd known that the grey top is actually a cardigan worn backwards =]


  1. i think you look fabulous here! good job on proportions and wearing the sweater backwards.

  2. I hate getting that look.
    When I wear something quite unconventional to school, I get it all the time.
    The scarf is beautiful btw.

  3. looks comfortable and classy!

  4. Love this outfit-very cute ;) Vintage scarves are my secret obsession!