Classy Lady

My trip down to London this weekend to see a school friend was rather drunken and so this is the most well taken photo of the entire weekend... Though even this photo does not shed much of a good light over me due to the extra large water bottle filled with alcoholic beverage that I'm clutching... Oh dear! 
I do love this dress though and it was only £3 from a stall at Leeds Festival two years ago. I had been wandering the stalls for a while and was desperate to get something, but not part with too much money, and I spotted this print in a big pile of clothes. It was pretty much a sack at the time and I had to get it taken in to fit, but I'm glad I did!


  1. I too love the dress :)
    Crazy print.

  2. i love this dress!
    your makeup is very nice too :)
    dont worry - not drunken at all ;)