On The Fringe

Whilst in town yesterday buying a birthday present for a friend I popped into H&M for a browse, where I spotted a black clutch with fringe detailing along the front. I almost bought it, but reminded myself that I almost always opt for one of my shoulder bags, rather than a clutch on a night out because it's likely I will leave a clutch sitting on a chair somewhere, whereas at least a shoulder bag is attached to me in the early hours of the morning. 
However, I've been thinking about it all morning, but considering I found it sitting with some clothes and couldn't find any more with the other accessories, I'm thinking it's unlikely that I will find it again if I go back next week. So, with a longing for some fringing other than the one on my head, I've ebay searched "leather fringed" on the .com site and here are some of my favourite results...

Yellow fringed bag sold by kkavem77

Brown leather saddle bag with fringing sold by shoping_for_jeans_is_fun 

Fringed vest with snakeskin filled 'rips' sold by highfalutinbish


  1. The yellow fringe bag is really nice,
    It's my personal favorite :)

  2. The first bad is definitely gorgeous! I also want a pair of fringe boots.

  3. im not a big fan of fringes but the first bag was actually really nice- or maybe it was the mustard shade that got to me..