Air Hostess, I Like The Way You Dress

After seeing the trailer for Zooey Deschanel's latest movie The Happening today, it got me thinking about her role in my all-time favourite movie Almost Famous and the air hostess uniform that she wears.
Compared to the uniforms that hostesses of certain airline these days wear (Easyjet anyone?) I'm much more drawn to the bright colours, stiff shapes, the patent and circle bags... And, of course, the hats!
Pink, red and orange are not colours I would usually put together, but this ensemble looks strangely attractive, and so maybe I will work with them when I get back to my uni house in a fortnight and have more of my wardrobe available to play around with.
Feeling inspired by these Air Hostess images, I began searching for more vintage looks, and came across this 1960s photo of a "bubble helmet" apparently worn to protect hostess' hair from the weather on their way to and from the plane...
Not very sensible, surely?!

[Photos: AF photos from Google images & bubble helmet found at http://worldofkane.blogspot.com/]