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I'm very envious of bloggers like Rumi at Fashion Toast who always have such beautiful backdrops for their photos. There is nowhere in my student house that provides a nice backdrop, there isn't even space at a plain wall, and the only pretty place I go is the park on warm days. I don't like cutting myself out on paintshop and adding a background because it means resizing all my files etc... Hmmm. Todays backdrop is the stairwell of the boyf'riend's apartment block... Not particularly spectacular scenery, but nevermind!

I also have a question for you guys.
What are your opinions on oversized clutches?
I normally shy away froms clutches, merely because they take up one of my two hands, and I like to have both free, but recently I've really been lusting after the idea of owning one, especially this Topshop offering. It would have to be oversized as I carry a ridiculous amount of stuff around with me, and thought it could be used in the daytime also.
So, do you like to use clutches? Do you find them as easy to wear as bags with a handle?
Maybe I am destined to forever have a strap on my bags!

P.S Thanks for tagging me, Unwise Pedestrian and Mademoiselle Bariolee, I will post my answers soon!


  1. I really like your boots and I'm all about the oversized clutch!

  2. Hmmm. I think if clutches get TOO big they lose their purpose as being small and dainty. Plus, if you overstuff a clutch and its not structured, then it gets all bulgy..In my opinion, Just get a structured clutch so it doesn't look sloppy.

  3. I agree with the taking up your hands part, but once you get the hang of it, you'll want to tote it everywhere...love the boots.

  4. personally i like oversized clutch because they can really complete an outfit. yeah one thing is that they're quite bothersome because you can't wear it like a bag across your body or over the shoulder. but fashion is fashion right? afterall high heels aren't really that comfortable too :)

  5. Oh I really love the dress/top combination :).

  6. You don't need a beautiful landscape to make pretties pictures ;] !

    i'm going to write my messages in English too so ... ;]

    Thanks for your comments !

    kiss kiss!!

  7. i don't have spectacular scenery on my fashion pics either, and i don't have anyone to photograph me so i can't do it outside, though i'd really love to. the background on your today photos is really nice though.
    hm, i like small clutches much better than oversized ones. in general i almost only own small bags, which is a bit unpractical because often i have to carry a lot of things around. i like clutches, but small ones.

  8. Dont worry about the scenery, its the clothes we wanna see. And its cool, the outfit I mean. I am all into the oversized clutch(bought 3 last year) and carry them everywere! Its no problem and yes, you get used to it.

  9. i LOVE the idea of waering the leaf as a pin! i'll def try that. and good luck with your exams! i'm sure you'll be happy about the results- just let us know after. and the outfit is adorable! i love eveything- from boots (gorgeous!) through skirt (just perfect!) up to the nacklace and headband. tres lovely.

  10. i've tried clutches and they just annoy me so much, i need to be hands free! i'm too concious of loosing it, especially in clubs!

  11. WOW i love the outfit! that skirt with those shoes..lovely

  12. Oversize clutches are the best! But you have to lay down the ground rule when going out - everyone tries to put their stuff in your bag and you spend the whole night handing people their phones, wallets, keys, chewing gum etc! In love with your boots too!!!

  13. Nice skirt! I don't like clutches, especially not oversized ones, they're som extremely un-handy to carry around.

  14. Very nice outfit and great blog ! : )

  15. love your boots!! i only use clutch bag for parties..the conscious noon party without alcohol of course :) haha..sometimes clutch is a good thing to play with when you're stranded on a party an having a bad conversation with someone you just met/know

  16. i have that backround problem too, i think everyone else has so nice backrounds but i :D
    nice outfit! lovely clutch!

  17. Heya! Just read your blog. Really enjoyed it. I'm sorry my blog is not in English. By the way, do you know any good bloggers from the South-East, where I'm from? :)

  18. Personally I like oversize clutch too and if it has a wristlet even better!
    nice boots!

  19. I am in love with those boots! Seriously, drool and glassy eyes right here.

    I have the same problem with backdrops--and I don't have a selftiming camera anymore. So consider yourself lucky, I guess?

  20. really do you like? Bonde do Role is from Brazil :D

  21. im totally incapable of photoshopping backgrounds as well (totally lame backdrop bloggers unite! lol) regardless, those boots are fantastic!

  22. I have the same problem! The only places I have to take pictures in my house are in my room.. Which is always cluttered/messy/not that nice!

    Cute outfit :]

    And hmm.. I think clutches can go to either extreme, either hot or ugly. I'm not a huge fan of them, the only time I ever used one was last week at prom cause clutches work well for formal occasions. Also, I have a problem with letting go of things once I hold on to them for too long, so that's a problem!

    I'm a fan of the clutches with the bows, but I just love bows in general!

  23. Very cool outfit! Those boots are amazing.
    I have a dark green patent leather clutch that only cost $1.50 at a thrift store. However, due to a lack of self trust, I can't bring myself to use it. Last time I went shopping with a purse that didn't go around my shoulder I lost it and 10 bucks. Blahhh.

  24. i love clutches, but i'm always afraid i'll set them down and leave them some where, and usually they're carrying my most important of items so i can't afford to leave them! i think they're adorable, though. love your outfit, and even the backdrop :)

  25. Id be scared to loose it, thats why i dont go for them, i'm so absent minded, however the bag certainly is lovely, I say go for it, if you have been lusting over it for a while hey why not.

  26. I love the combination of the high waísted skirt, the belt and the shirt. It's perfect for your fragile frame! The clutch is very cute, too.

  27. wow, so amazing skirt and purse, i am in love for your style!!!

    a kiss and a hug,

    see you,

  28. i lovee it!
    you look great :)

  29. Is that blouse leopard? I wrote about leopard pants in my last post:) That;s wardrobe-telepathy I think:) I like this outfit and the bag is really cute. I've added your blogs to my links. Hugs from Poland!

  30. Oh that clutch is to die for and I really adore your boots!

  31. I love clutches but if you ask me I hate having to carry it around because I am very forgetful and will probably loose it! That one is very cute though.
    Care to trade links?

  32. I like your style a lot....and I think you've LOVELY haircut too:) nice! ! !

  33. whats important is that your outfit is beautifull and chic! (:

  34. Your shoes are beyond amazing, I need to steal them!

  35. I love your hair. I think oversized clutches look brilliant provided you're not stuffing them to the brim with the same sort of stuff you chuck into your totes, and I like the snakeskin edging on the Topshop one - mushroom's an underrated colour.

  36. Awesome outfit, I love the shoes! I don't own any clutches personally (I hate spending money on bags) but I adore how they look. They seem like they'd be pretty inconvenient in real life but lots of bloggers carry 'em, so...

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