Skirts and Quirks

This is what I wore last night for my housemate's birthday. I'd been looking for some tight, stretchy skirts for a while, and had the idea of buying some cheap boob-tubes and wearing them as skirts instead. I also got one in black and hot pink.
I also wore some of one of my new Barry M free glitter dusts in gold, though it isn't that obvious from the pic, and did my next stretch of my earlobes - I'm up to 5mm now and am going to stop stretching for at least a few months over Summer now, if not period, as I don't want too large a stretch so that one day in the future I can take them out and let them shrink back to normal.

Unwise Pedestrian and Mademoiselle Bariolee have both tagged me to tell of six of my quirks. This feels a bit like those quizes people used to post as myspace bulletins haha, I used to do so many of them!
The rules are as follows:

Link the person who tagged you
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1. If I start reading a book or watching a TV show that I really enjoy I try to make it last as long as possible and really drag it out because I'm worried about it coming to an end and all the fun finishing. Therefore it took me from August-Feb to read my favourite trilogy (His Dark Materials) when they were available for me to read back-to-back as quick as I wanted. I also used to do this with my favourite outfits; not wear them for months and months, saving them up. I try not to do this anymore because it actually used to be ridiculous - it took me a YEAR and a half after I bought it to decide the time was worthy of one of my favourite dresses!!
2. I LOVE discussing things like the possibility of aliens and things I can't comprehend, like space. Especially when I am drunk.
3. I get REALLY worried about things, I stress constantly and feel sick and nervous before loads of stuff ranging from exams to making phonecalls. Public speaking especially makes me very, very nervous!
4. When I get angry or excited sometimes my nothing-in-particular-northern accent goes into a geordie accent, which my whole family have except my brother and I. I was actually born in Scotland and lived there until I was 4 and a half, but can't even immitate an even near convincing Scottish accent.
5. I love food as much as I love shopping, and know I could never have as good a figure as many people because I literally don't have the willpower to cut out rich, unhealthy foods, and would never want to. Eating out is always my favourite part of holidays too.
6. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and am always complaining about some ailment or another.

I have no idea who has filled this in already, but will tag Danika at Cat Fur & Kitty Britches, Nita-Karoliina at Little Sneak Into My Life, and Stephanie at Fashion Robot... and anyone else who fancies it!


  1. ooh, i love your tights! very very cute.

  2. i've done that with skirts before! cute idea. love tights.

  3. You look so beautiful. I love how the tights totally set this outfit off and make it quite fancy.

  4. Cool look, especially like the tights! Want to exchange links?

  5. this "association" (sorry i don't know how to say taht correctly in english :/) is pretty!!
    Basic but a little bit "magic" with this glitter gold dusts!!!

    And the make-up... Cleopatra returns?

    Whatever, i love it!

    kiss kiss!

  6. I can really understand point 1. and 3. =D and I love your shoes..ok I love almost all shoes

  7. okay, you look fab, that skirt is lovely. you have great skirt collection :)

  8. I bought my phone in Topshop :P So you'll prob be able to get it yourself.

  9. i love the skirt/top combination - and your eye make up is awesomeee!

  10. I WANT those tights! Very nice! And bag is great too! :D you look so pretty!

  11. cool..bet you had a fun time, too.

  12. Yes, you really have streched ears! I didn't notice that before! Cool earrings, cool outfit!

  13. so nice!!!

    i really enjot the skirt matching with the purse!

    a kiss for you,

  14. Very cool eyeliner!
    I need to learn how to do that :)

  15. you look amazing!
    this make-up is adoreable !
    and i love your skirt!

  16. Those tights rock. And we got the car out we just had to get it towed, which cost us $150, but at least the grass was spared!

  17. The tights and bag are fantastic! I know what you mean about making something last. As a child I used to save my 'favourite stickers' and I still have a box of them I never ever used!

  18. your tights are great. your makeup looks very fun

  19. i really like your gold dust tights!

  20. You're smart not to stretch your ears out too much - the amount you have looks cool but giant holes are nasty! Cool outfit.

  21. oh you look lovely. I especially love the tights.

  22. i lovee the tights :)

    and thanks. yeah i was surprised when i saw the clutch in there. i loveee it :)

  23. Oooh lovely outfit! I do that skirt thing too, end of last summer 50p black tube tops in primark make great bandage skirts!

  24. all these outfits are awful =S it just doesnt make any sense