Went to see the Sex & the City movie a couple of days ago and LOVED it. I won't go into any detail as I'm sure many people haven't seen it, but I am lusting after Carrie's pyramid-studded belt that she wears in quite a few scenes. Must find something like it!

Who else has seen it and what did you think? Is there anyone who isn't interested in seeing it?

This is what I wore to go to the cinema. I decided to dress up a little as we were possibly going for cocktails afterwards, but we didn't get out of the cinema until after midnight so abandoned that thought!

Also I just watched the season finale of Gossip Girl on the internet and thought it was a disappointing last episode! Boo.


  1. aw thats a cute outfit.
    i've never even seen one episode of SATC so the film doesnt excite me at all..haha..
    is it easy to get into if you've never seen SATC before?

  2. you are so great!!!
    i am really happy you watched SITC!

    a kiss!!!

  3. Hi nic-I absolutely adored the film-I couldn't stop crying in between laughing!! I loved the way it followed on from season 6 and I thought jennifer hudson was excellent in it too! The girls seem to have such a close bond in the shows and the film, I can't believe there is this 'feud' on between sjp and kim cattrell-what do you think?

  4. I love Samantha! She has alwys been my favorite character! She is awesome. I am lusting after the studded belt too!

    & yes GG was upsetting. They made me go AWWWWW at the chuck part & BAM! He has to do sucha thing t Blair! Blair looked so cute though.

  5. I thought the last episode was disappointing as well!! It's just like they're just hurrying the plot along so dan+ vanessa and serena+other-guy-whose-name-I-forget happens.

  6. Love the grey! I went to see SATC too and loved it! Thought Gossip girl was disappointing but Blairs going away outfit was to die for. Loved it!

  7. you look cute darling love the shoes, i dunno i thought i wanted to see it but then i heard it wasnt that good

  8. Thanks sweetie!

    Oh, I can't wait 'til I can see SatC!

    Very cute outfit!

  9. You wore a very nice outfit, love the gray with the yellow, and you've awesome shoes.
    I don't know when SATC will come into my little town, so... :(((


  10. Love your look!
    I have not seen the movie yet, I live in Brazil and the premiere is only next friday! I acn't wait!!!!

  11. love the outfit
    thouse shoes are amazing!
    i havent seen it yet because well i never watched any of SATC in my life lol but the film looks great.x

  12. loe the outfit!!
    the combo between the yellow and the gray is Great!!

  13. I saw it yesterday and I've loved it too !!!

    The outfits of everyone were amazing!!!

    I love the hairstyle of miranda... An charlotte was so funny!

    But I didn't like the end ... so much "happy end" for me...

    The scene of the "broken-wedding" was the best and in the mexican hotel to... I swear I've cried two times !! Poor carrie...

    Like your shoes ;]


  14. love the grey and yellow combination. The GG season finale didn't blow me away either. I still gotta watch the SATC movie...hope it's as good as you say :)

  15. came through your blog via debbie's. awesome outfit - especilly those shoes!!! i've been craving for exactly the same pair but in cream colours.

  16. that gray top is very chic.

  17. Great shoes! Glad you loved Sex and the City.

  18. I havn't seen the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to do it ! You've inspired me :D

  19. I love your outfit, and your blog!
    Seeing the movie in 5 hours:))

  20. love your heels and the shirt.
    the shirt reminds me of something blaire from gossip girl would wear.
    yesss. i love gossip girl. the ending was weird though, and yeah, dissapointing.

  21. Totallly agree about Gossip girls but love it nonetheless!

  22. This cardigan looks great wih grey color! I love your blouse, shoes and bag.

    Hugs from Poland:)

  23. Yellow and grey is the best color combo ever! Beautiful shoes also.


  24. I really like the color of your jacket and those shoes. I still haven't seen the GG finale...now I'm not sure I want to!

  25. I can't wait to see it. June 5 in Sydney...3 days to go now!

  26. cool blog.and equally cool outfit xxthanx for commenting on my blog!xx

  27. aarrrghh.. everyone's watching SATC!! (fyi: i need to wait 3months to watch it in the theatres, since china is delayed when it comes to hollywood films!) i wish "fake" dvd's will come out soon here! hahaha

  28. AHH. i love that shirt! where is it from? looks like something from Anthropology.

  29. Sweet outfit - I love it. I also watched the SATC movie. I went to the theater with my boyfriend, and there were only two men in the whole room!!!

  30. YES! I was so disappointed with the SE of Gossip Girl...where was the cliff hanger?

    Cute outfit

  31. Haven't seen the movie but the yellow and the grey is a nice combo...

  32. Love the outfit!...grey and yellow! I believe it works quite well!! Great selection! :)

  33. Carrie - I think it would still be enjoyable if you hadn't seen the series, but there may be unexplained bits that would be alien to someone who'd not seen it, I'm not sure!

    Sharon Rose - I know, it kind of spoils it to think some of the actresses don't get on!!

    Madalena - I liked the end, but thats because I'm a sucker for happy endings!

    Clothes Horse - I think it only disappointed me because I was rooting for a particular storyline to end a certain way and it didn't go exactly as I'd planned it in my head haha

  34. You look cute in it. I couldn't have pulled it off myself. You're awesome!

  35. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment! You look absolutely fab! I mean, 1st you matched yellow with greyish blue, which is just darling; 2nd you did everything into details, including matching nail varnish - that shows that a girl really takes cares of herself! Have a great time, my dear!

    P.S. I've added you into my "IT blogs" roll!

    Lots of lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. for those few of us that didn't get around to seeing satc this weekend, thank you for not giving anything away! that studded belt that you mention, however, sound amazing so i'll be sure to watch out for it when i finally see it!

  37. omg!! the movie was sooo good!! i got so teary-eyed too! and i didn't follow the series either! well, i saw a couple of episodes. but the clothes! INCREDIBLE! my fav were the extreme dior gladiator platforms- sooo fab!

  38. So great!!
    i love Gossip Girl.

  39. Cute EVERYTHING.
    Love the blouse. Love the cardigan. LOVE the SHOES!!

  40. last episode was disappointing..but your outfit wasn't!

  41. î agree, last episode was dissapointing, i dont wanna dan and vanessa ending up togerher nor serena and nate. so clishe..

    but you look damn good

  42. The grey and yellow combo is genius!

  43. oh, gossip girl, ridiculous finale, didn't you feel cheated? Like, why did we just go through all that?!
    Can't wait to spot the first Carrie studded belt on the street.

  44. I know, I want the studded belt so bad too! Asos had one like that, but it went out of stock probably as soon as they put it on sale... :-(

  45. Very cute and casual. Loved the movie as well! I must have Carrie's rosette jacket!

  46. Sex and The City premieres in Australia today - but tickets have been booked out for months for today! Boo to early birds getting the worms! I'll just have to block my eyes and ears until I can muscle my way into a cinema chair! I just love dove grey on you. You look gorgeous!

  47. thanks for the comment, i'm loving all the gorgeous grey with a flash of yellow here! and TOTALLY agree about gossip girl - i thought it would go out with a bang and a massive cliffhanger, but instead it just fizzled away... do you think it's a sign that there won't be a second series? aah call me a soppy romantic but i love dan and serena and i want them back together, dammmit!

  48. i have the same jacket , i got it over a year ago from topshop i teamed it with dark purple few times i gotta try it with grey as well ;)
    The bow detail at the back is soo cute !

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