To Top It Off.

I accidently went shopping (on my budget, shopping trips are always accidental) early this week, but I didn't feel too bad as my purchase was something that I'd spotted a couple of months ago and admired, despite being unable to find the logic in paying £25 for it. However, this time I found it on the sale rack in Topshop's boutique section (its by "Upper 5th"), and snapped it up for £10. I'm a sucker for bow prints, and the neon green colour of the tee is spot on and so I was happy to wear it out on Tuesday night. Sadly I did not take a picture of the back, which is cut out with a large grey material bow at the bottom of the cut out. 

Yesterday was a not-so-accidental shopping trip to Cheetham Hill, an area of Manchester with a few not-bad charity shops and a retail park with a large Borders store. I bought the current issue of Pop magazine at Borders, to go with Danske, which I bought a week or so ago but haven't had the time to look through yet. Charity wise I found a floral mini skirt (£2.50) and a dark beige shoulder bag (£1), but also nipped into Tkmaxx and came out with a large patent bag in banana yellow... It is hideously amazing.

Photos of those later, but first here is what I wore for my shopping jaunt. A simple pencil skirt and tanktop, with some colour thrown on in the form of burgandy tights (which I later ripped by yanking them too hard, boohoo) and an Urban Outfitters cardigan.


Daytime Friends, Nighttime Lovers.

Yesterday I had my final exam before going for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with some friends, and then popping into the city centre for some shopping.

Shrugged off my polo neck, changed my shoes and voila! Ready for a casual night out!


Basic Instinct

I'm wearing my two new basic purchases today; my new black Topshop B jeans and my new black boots (I finally found some!), which were £45 from Barratts. Still doing the ol' exams, and constantly stressed so needed a simple outfit to keep my mind on revision again!


Yesterday's Outift; Green dress & sequins

I've been in revision mode for my forthcoming exam and yesterday I had revision sessions with some friends and my boyfriend and then look round a house that my coursemates and I have now put a deposit down on to rent next year (two bathrooms, a kitchen and top floor kitchenette, attic rooms... Im impressed with what we've got!). Therefore, when I woke up I only had time to throw on an old faithful before my busy day. And so I put on the one dress I have worn most out of all in my wardrobe (H&M this time last year), but tried to add something different to usual with this old Topshop sequined belt.


The Green, Green, Grass Of Home

I was browsing Etsy.com today and came across this seller and their "Moss collection" designs. The idea of wearing what looks like some lucious grass makes me feel rather excited for spring and the return of a nice and green English landscape!
I love the scarf and the hair accessories, and when payday comes I might just invest in a few of the bobby pins, as my hair is too short at the back to put up in a barette. I also love the idea of the clove and lavender sachets; they would really make a room!
[1-4 Scarf, bobby pins, medium barette, clove sachets]

[All images from ottoman.etsy.com]


These Boots Are Made For Basics

I'm going to be honest. I hate shopping... For basics. The need for a new pair of jeans or pair of sensible shoes fills me with dread. I got over the jeans-fear (these had been needed for a long while, as my previous pair of black drainpipes had multipul holes in the knees) just after Christmas and did the rounds trying on endless pairs of black skinnies until I found a good fit and rushed to the till, glad that it was over. Don't get me wrong, I like trousers, I don't mind denim... But the idea of going out in search for a basic item and that item only - especially one that might cost quite a bit of money if you want quality - is slightly depressing on my budget.

So now I am in that basics-blah again, as my old faithful pair of plain black ankle boots (bought from a vintage shop for £12 a year and a half ago) have officially died. I can't step out in the rain, or even damp, without soaking wet feet anymore, which is less than sensible and so I need to find a replacement pair, and they need to be leather so that they last a good while.

Do I want studs or is that silly since I want them to last season upon season? [£65 Topshop.com]

Or I really like this "Western" syle, also from Topshop [£75]...

It's hard not to get carried away looking at gorgeous heeled boots, like these Carvella ones from Kurtkeiger.com [£100]

...But I know that I need a flat pair to wear anywhere at any time. And so the search continues!


Brand New

I went shopping late last week with some friends and got some lovely jubbly new dresses, which I should not have spent my pennies on (though I'm glad that I did).

I found this dress in the Urban Outfitters sale, though its a vintage concession. I don't particularly like the fact that stores like UO pass off quite tatty second hand clothes as worth of being expensive vintage buys (one or two of the dresses on the rail with this actually had stains on them...), but this was only £9 from £42 and so I consider it a good purchase, even if some of the stitching is coming away...

I also picked up a couple of dresses at H&M. This one made me a bit giddy when I tried it on, and despite the fact I knew it would be naughty to actually buy it, I decided that I had to. I love the block black with pastel pink, the black belt at the empire waistline, and the fact that it actually ends above my knees unlike many dresses since I'm only 5"3.

I got extra excited when I got home and realised it had pockets. I love slouching around with my hands in pockets. I don't know why. I particularly enjoy this photo because I look like an amputee, not someone with their hands in some pockets...


I'm Feeling Blue (And Its A Good Thing)

My boyfriend has been raving about the movie Apocalpyto since he first saw it, and he finally got round to forcing it upon me this week. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it, because I'm one of those people who judges a movie when I know very little about it, and I had decided that it was going to be too much of a "guy film" (action, war etc) for me. However, I have now eaten up every last one of my preconceptions as it is a bloody good film, it has to be said. Go Jaguar Paw, goooo.

But anyway, the reason for this post is not actually to advertise the movie (though you should see it). In the film Jaguar Paw and his fellow male villagers are painted blue before being taken to be sacrificed to the gods. I don't really like blue in general. I don't know why - maybe it stems from wearing navy every day in primary school (though I like green and that was the colour of my high school uniform) - but even if I like the cut of or pattern on an item of clothing, I will generally let it go if it is blue.
Blue and I, we just don't make a good team.

However, I have certainly been inspired to start taking notice of the colour blue when it comes to clothing and accessories, after thinking that the blue that the tribesmen are painted in the movie is nothing short of gorgeous. I don't know, is it silly to be so mesmerised by some body paint? Probably. But I really do want to find something this hue and wear it on my body!

Just as long as I'm not off to be sacrificed...


Welcome to my blog! This blog is a place for me to explore the world of style, designers collections, shops and so on & I'm excited to begin!

This is what I wore to do some sales shopping a few days ago

I love the boots. They were a particularly cheap-n-cheerful purchase from high-street store Peacocks, which I dislike for clothes (it may just be me, but a lot of their wares seems quite childish and tacky), but has some hidden gems when it comes to cheap on-trend boots and shoes. I'm fully aware that they don't look in any way expensive, and the plastic heels will not last very long, but for the next few months I will certainly enjoy them.

I'm stressed about finding a house to rent when I move in with my coursemates next year. I love my current bedroom so much, despite the fact it is downstairs and so drunken students often bash on the windows when I'm asleep, and I know that my bedroom next year probably will not be as big and yellow... Boo.

Also I went shopping in Manchester yesterday and did really well with the sales... Until I popped into H&M and bought two full price dresses equalling £50. I'm having to sell an unworn Urban Outftters dress that I bought in Canada to my friend who loves it to fund my spending, though the dress would need taking in for me to wear it as its strapless and is too big to stay up, so I don't mind it being given a new home!