Air Hostess, I Like The Way You Dress

After seeing the trailer for Zooey Deschanel's latest movie The Happening today, it got me thinking about her role in my all-time favourite movie Almost Famous and the air hostess uniform that she wears.
Compared to the uniforms that hostesses of certain airline these days wear (Easyjet anyone?) I'm much more drawn to the bright colours, stiff shapes, the patent and circle bags... And, of course, the hats!
Pink, red and orange are not colours I would usually put together, but this ensemble looks strangely attractive, and so maybe I will work with them when I get back to my uni house in a fortnight and have more of my wardrobe available to play around with.
Feeling inspired by these Air Hostess images, I began searching for more vintage looks, and came across this 1960s photo of a "bubble helmet" apparently worn to protect hostess' hair from the weather on their way to and from the plane...
Not very sensible, surely?!

[Photos: AF photos from Google images & bubble helmet found at http://worldofkane.blogspot.com/]



I put one of the feather butterflies I bought on Saturday onto a clip today and let it 'land' on my head =].

[background image from http://www.mgcpuzzles.com/royce via google]


Touch Of Pink

What I wore out for a friend's birthday on Friday night. The top has lots of tiny pom poms hanging off the frills, but they always refuse to come out in photographs, naughty things. I love these sandals too, they're a little big, but so shiny! And I am obsessed with this pink head band :)


On The Fringe

Whilst in town yesterday buying a birthday present for a friend I popped into H&M for a browse, where I spotted a black clutch with fringe detailing along the front. I almost bought it, but reminded myself that I almost always opt for one of my shoulder bags, rather than a clutch on a night out because it's likely I will leave a clutch sitting on a chair somewhere, whereas at least a shoulder bag is attached to me in the early hours of the morning. 
However, I've been thinking about it all morning, but considering I found it sitting with some clothes and couldn't find any more with the other accessories, I'm thinking it's unlikely that I will find it again if I go back next week. So, with a longing for some fringing other than the one on my head, I've ebay searched "leather fringed" on the .com site and here are some of my favourite results...

Yellow fringed bag sold by kkavem77

Brown leather saddle bag with fringing sold by shoping_for_jeans_is_fun 

Fringed vest with snakeskin filled 'rips' sold by highfalutinbish


Classy Lady

My trip down to London this weekend to see a school friend was rather drunken and so this is the most well taken photo of the entire weekend... Though even this photo does not shed much of a good light over me due to the extra large water bottle filled with alcoholic beverage that I'm clutching... Oh dear! 
I do love this dress though and it was only £3 from a stall at Leeds Festival two years ago. I had been wandering the stalls for a while and was desperate to get something, but not part with too much money, and I spotted this print in a big pile of clothes. It was pretty much a sack at the time and I had to get it taken in to fit, but I'm glad I did!