This & That

I'm very envious of bloggers like Rumi at Fashion Toast who always have such beautiful backdrops for their photos. There is nowhere in my student house that provides a nice backdrop, there isn't even space at a plain wall, and the only pretty place I go is the park on warm days. I don't like cutting myself out on paintshop and adding a background because it means resizing all my files etc... Hmmm. Todays backdrop is the stairwell of the boyf'riend's apartment block... Not particularly spectacular scenery, but nevermind!

I also have a question for you guys.
What are your opinions on oversized clutches?
I normally shy away froms clutches, merely because they take up one of my two hands, and I like to have both free, but recently I've really been lusting after the idea of owning one, especially this Topshop offering. It would have to be oversized as I carry a ridiculous amount of stuff around with me, and thought it could be used in the daytime also.
So, do you like to use clutches? Do you find them as easy to wear as bags with a handle?
Maybe I am destined to forever have a strap on my bags!

P.S Thanks for tagging me, Unwise Pedestrian and Mademoiselle Bariolee, I will post my answers soon!


Parks & Parties

My boyfriend and I took his dog, Alfie, to the park this week, and had lots of fun, though I think Alfie had the most fun with the amount of exciting sticks he found!

This is the dress I wore for the cocktail party on Thursday night. I had some fantastic cocktails with cinnamon in and one with a big watermelon slice, which was lovely and fruity.



I stupidly left the USB lead that I use to upload my photos at home after my post at the weekend, so haven't been able to upload photos, which has been annoying. I've also had work coming out of my ears, which has been equally as rubbish, and so all I can leave you with today is a couple of camera-phone photos of one of the lovely sunny days we've been having this week!
My boyfriend's dog came for a day in Manchester earlier in the week so we had fun in the park with him and I will upload those photos when I get my lead back tomorrow.
I'm going to a cocktail party organised by my uni course (instead of an end of year ball) tonight and managed to pick up a couple of great dresses in the Topshop mid-season sale today, so I will hopefully have fun!



I was browsing The Facehunter's blog this morning, having a gander at the most recent street-style snaps, and came across an outfit that, without even thinking really, I saved to my folder of inspiring style photographs. The reason that I was on a sort of style-autopilot where this picture was concerned was because the outfit involved a bandeau dress, layered over a basic top. I don't know why, but I'm always drawn to this pairing, and after a flick through a couple of pages of the Facehunter archives I found a few more outfits like this that I really enjoyed.
Because of this I was inspired to give the look a go myself for a night out celebrating a friend's birthday last night, and I hope the result did justice to the others working it who have inspired me on blogs and streetstyle sites in the past!

I know at least one girl liked it, as I was approached outside a club by a lovely girl who merely said "You're outfit is great, so you deserve a lollipop!" and gave me a lolly! That made me smile =].
[Both streetstyle images: Facehunter]


Sick Note

I've been suffering from a stomach bug for the last few days, so I've hardly left the house and spent most of my time feeling sorry for myself and moaning (I'm very good at this). I think I'm on the mend; I can drink water and have eaten some crackers and dry toast, but its all very tedious and I'm light headed most of the time from lack of... anything inside my bod.
Therefore my post today isn't so exciting and only really shows off the gladiator sandals I ordered a few weeks ago on ebay, and got shipped to my boyfriend's dad's apartment in Vancouver as the shipping was much cheaper than to England. I was excited to get them when my boyfriend came back from Canada last night.

He also brought me many fun gifts, including some "Pinky" vodka (blended with strawberries and flowers), chocolates, a feathered fascinator, the American Apparel nylon skater dress, some two-coloured tights (one leg black, one white) and a brown and yellow 'urban rewenal' top from Urban Outfitters... He is a very good boy.

However, I'm still not feeling up to showing off all of the amazing things the boy bought me, and so for now I'll leave you with the sandals!


Celebrate Good (/Any) Times.

Going for lunch to a Mexican restaurant with some friends today to celebrate the handing in of our coursework (any excuse will do where food is concerned!). Apologies for the awful background to my pictures, I'd love to be able to take photos outside like I could back home, but our uni house has a teeny square of concrete and nothing else in the form of outside space and so my plain old bedroom it is!

I couldn't resist wearing my new shoes again, though I might change later if I decide to go shopping, as I like maximum comfort when trecking round town. I'm tempted to buy these shoes in patent tan as well, though they possibly step over the 'amazing' border and into 'hideous' territory.


Night + Day: Two Outfits

Two outfits here, firstly what I wore last night when I visited my friend at her uni and went on a night out. I fashioned a dress out of a stretch pencil skirt, waisted belt and a polo shirt, a sort of home-made bodycon dress.

I buy a lot of little things like tights, scarves, hairbands etc at Primark but not clothes or shoes because the shop is so "popular" as everything is so cheap and therefore the risk of being in the same place as someone wearing the same item of clothing is likely, and that always makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason. However, I'd spotted these hideously amazing shoes a few weeks ago, so I popped in yesterday to see if they were still in and they were so I bought them, despite my friend's disgust (literally, she was flabbergasted that I was even contemplating trying them on!!). I love them and their patent-snakeskin-mule-holey...ness!

This is what I wore today, inspired by some quite pleasant weather for once. Mind you, I have spent the whole day sitting around watching SKY TV, but nevermind. This dress is one of my favourites, and was only £3 from a second-hand/vintage store =].


Tonsillitis & Tom [Today's outfit]

Booo, I've got tonsillitus, though its starting to get better today. Sunday was awful; I was either shivering cold or boiling, sweating hot all day no matter what conditions I was in. Today I decided it was time to get out of the house so I went to see my boyfriend and we popped into town to buy him books for his flight to Canada at the end of the week, but I'm back home now ready to snuggle down for a night of relaxing!