Viva Espana

I'm back from Spain, back to rain and work... Ahh, it's a hard old life! 
Madrid was such a vibrant and beautiful city, and the weather was so lovely! Our hotel faced onto one of the main streets (Gran Via) and when Spain won their semi-final (of Euro2008) there were carhorns going all night! Anyone else supporting Spain in the final? And any Germany supporters?
I think I will simply put up a few photos from the trip and a couple of outfits I managed to document, I'm happy to be back and catching up on everyone's posts I've missed!



Off to Madrid until Thursday!
Sorry, no image to leave you with - I've been so busy the few days that I haven't had time to think about taking a photo, but I will be back with loads!



Be Scene & Not Heard.

I wasn't in the mood for deciding what to wear for a night out last week, so decided just to dress up a jeans + tee combo. I chose my favourite charity-shop heeled pumps and then thought about doing something with my hair. My mind immediately went to one of my bandanas, but it just didn't look right in my hair, so I turned to my hair extensions to make it work.

I know some people don't like extensions and think they're tacky or whatever, but I really love having mine in. I've only worn them three times since I bought them 4 months ago (they're a hassle, plus I dyed my hair darker a few months back so they didn't match for a while) and think for a night out they're a really fun addition. Kind of like wearing an extravagant hat, rather than a literal "extension' of one's own hair!

I think I will try and wear them more often over the next few months, whilst my hair colour matches them and before I get the inevitable urge to dye my hair again!


Chasing Waterfalls.

A day in the Lake District proved to be a lovely trip, full of frolicking sheep, picnic food, waterfalls, stepping stones and photo opportunities =]
However, my friend did find the need to call me half an hour before we were set to leave to check I wasn't planning to wear (and I quote) "high heeled boots" for a day in the country. She knows me too well!

P.S My friend just called me to say she'd popped into American Apparel and asked about returning tights and they said they can't exchange "hosiery or intimates", which is fair enough, but the receipt only states that "intimates" are unreturnable, so it kind of gets me angry that they haven't officially put it on their receipts. Prffft.



Today I indulged in a spot of shopping in Liverpool with my lovely friend Roisin, who I hadn't seen in a good few months. I spent way too much considering that I'm so far into my savings, with all my summer job money going towards my Europe trip next month. Spending this money also ruined my ability to justify some online shoe buying which I was/ am planning to do. This leads to me a question that I hope someone might know the answer to... 

Do any of you lovely people have any idea if American Apparel stores allow returns on tights?

It says on the receipt that "intimates" may not be returned, and on the website only knickers and bras come under that heading, so I'm hoping clearly unopened packets of hosiery will be alright to return to the store. When I showed the purchase to my boyfriend he merely exclaimed "another pair of tights is something you don't need!" and he was completely correct, so I hope I can take them back!

P.S I finally got round to making a title/header thing after 5 months haha



We played cricket in the garden =].
I love this charity shop floral skirt, its so easy to wear, though its a bit flimsy!
I look so silly trying to play cricket... I only appear to have one leg when I hit the ball!


Lost Time.

I thought I'd have more time for blogging and reading blogs over summer, but as it turns out, I have much less. On days I'm in work, as soon as I finish I spend a few hours with my boyfriend and then by as early as 9.30pm I'm ready for bed!! Its insane! I've always needed a lot of sleep, but when it gets to the point when its still light when you're getting ready for bed, something isn't right! I think I was tagged recently, and shall get round to it sometime soon =].
Tom's mum gave me the red blazer a few weeks ago after I spotted a cream version she was wearing and complimented her on it. She told me she had a red one aswell but would never wear it and so she let me have it. I wasn't sure about keeping the shoulder-pads in it, but I'm quite happy with them now.


Lime Green Mesh Trilby...

... Is what I had to wear on my head for 10 hours today...  Yes, I'm back at my holiday job at a supermarket bakery, paying for my shopping sins by packing up bread to pay off my student debts. Oh well. I don't mind it to be honest; it isn't the worst job in the world and I get on with my fellow colleagues well. I'm just excited for pay day!
I wore this outfit a few days ago on a night out. I love this dress, its one of my most reliable and I love how easy it is to wear with almost any colour. It's actually just from Tesco's clothes range, I bought it last summer after wandering into the clothes section whilst my friends were in the mile long toilet queues at the nearest supermarket to the Leeds festival site!


Tiger Food.

Since our exams ended, the boy and I keep spending our days visiting museums around Manchester, and on Friday we popped into the university museum to see Lindow Man. We've seen him before in London, but decided to say hello again (haha) whilst he was in town. We cut across a courtyard we don't normally walk through around uni, and realised there was a lovely ivy-covered building there =].

Also, a tiger tried to eat me in the museum!



I wish I had a better photo of the shoes I wore out at the weekend! They're yellow and black and I found them in Primark. (I appear to be in this shop a lot these days, which isn't good because I only ever buy 'bits' in this shop like underwear, plain t-shirts, random shoes, tights and so on, and so don't have money left to visit shops in which I'd buy more important or interesting items). Back to the shoes - they're the comfiest heels I own, which is disappointing as they're such an extreme colour and so won't be able to be thrown on with any outfit. I hope they do a plain black pair sometime!
My beautiful friend Charl wore lots of lovely bright colours, so I went the other way and wore mostly black. Haha I've just noticed that even my choice of alcohol matches the black and yellow theme!

P.S I have no idea why I'm looking down in all these photos, apologies!