Greetings From Italy!

Finally got round to an update from the trip! Im having trouble uploading my photos from my camera though; I got a flickr account but after about 50 photos it said my limit was full, and I cant get photobucket working... Anyone know any other places I can upload to, as my camera is getting full!? Help!

We've been to Rome and Sorrento and are now in Florence, and everywhere has been great so far. I had a nice swim in the sea in Sorrento, but all the beaches are private and we had to pay €10 each to use them, prfft!
Today we are visiting the Uffizi gallery, we really like Florence so far! And tomorrow, off to Venice.

Oh and Im getting a bit sick of my sensible, plain clothes that Ive brought already haha.


So Long, Farewell...

After one of the most stressful days ever (note to self: never pack the day before a big trip again) I am going to attempt to get some shut-eye before I have to get up at 3.15am to start my interrail journey, which will take me and the boyfriend from:

Rome - Salerno - Florence - Venice - Innsbruke - Zurich - Barcelona - Madrid - Acaruna - Lisbon - Faro

I'm not sure how we are fitting all of that into 27 days, but we will see.

I've got my camera with me so will try to upload some photos and tell you all about the trip as I go along, in internet cafes, so bear with me - the blog will probably turn into a travelogue for a few weeks!!




Dazed & Confused Aug 2008, photographed by Mariano Vivanco (images TFS.com)


Blue Hue.

I love the colour of this skirt, and I hardly ever choose to wear blue! My parents had a barbeque tonight so I'm full of lovely chargrilled food.
I love the Katrin Thormann (and Luke Worrall) ed in the new Dazed & Confused, especially her makeup on the cover. I will do a post with the images from it tomorrow!


Short Hair.

I got my hair cut ready for my travels, and it is so short! I'm still getting used to it, but its crazy how little time it takes to dry and how easy it is to style. Last night for a night out I wore this H&M dress that I got a month or so ago. Its one - shouldered, but I decided to wear a tee underneath because the club we were going to isn't so dressy.
Still stressed about my impending trip... We don't actually have a flight home booked yet. Hmmm!


I Heart.

Argh I still have hardly any time for anything somehow! This holiday is all getting a bit too real now; just a week away =\! I have no idea how we will afford the trip now I'm factoring in so many nights accomodation, but... I did get a credit card from the bank for "emergencies"... Haha, no I have enough university debt, it really will be for emergencies only!!

I thought I'd lost this necklace a few months ago, but it has turned up safe and sound luckily, as its one of my favourites, which I bought off an Etsy shop some time last year. I remember it taking weeks to come because it was around one of the postal strikes, but when I did I was dead happy! I might order a brain necklace next...Not with the credit card, of course!!


Bad Blogger

I feel like such an awful blogger, having not had time for the internet since Tuesday! I did a night-shift at work, which has given me no-flying-invlolved jet lag, and I've been running round trying to plan for mine and the boy's Interrail trip through some of Southern Europe (we fly to Rome to start it on the 16th, so I will be a very bad blogger then for a month =/!), so I've had no time to myself.

Here is an outfit I wore just to go into town and for lunch the other day. I normally reserve this almost school-pinafore style dress for more formal occasions (I last wore it to my grandparents' anniversary lunch), but thought I'd dress it down for the day.

A quick question to help with my Interrail stress; do any of you know of or use regularly the trains in Italy, Spain or Southern France? Those are the countries that we will be travelling through and we're going to have some pretty long journeys, possibly on small local trains(cheaper!), so I'd like to know what they'll be like!


Shorts & Socks

I wore this out on Saturday night with my boyfriend and our friends. On the same night my boyfriend got hit across the face by a guy who was dancing too crazily (though the guy did apologize and buy him a drink to say sorry), and he now has two black eyes. People keep giving up dodgy looks haha!