No halves of breasts on show in this post, sadly!
I felt very formal today in this outfit, but I liked it. And I love this top, there is something strangely liberating about having ones shoulders out when there is still a sleeve there!
I accidently went shopping today. This must cease to happen anymore!



Why oh why was it necessary for these to be the first photos that appeared on my screen when I headed over to http://www.americanapparel.co.uk/ for a browse today?!

It certainly made my 14 year old brother more interested sitting next to me on the sofa.
However, it didn't leave me thinking "Ah yes... Now I realise whats missing from my wardrobe; a top to expose my boobs in!"

Do these images actually encourage anyone to buy their clothes?! You can hardly see the top in these photos anyway!
It's lucky it was my brother and not my grandmother who was sitting with me!


Saturday Night May Be...

The only time that it is acceptable to take photos in a bathroom.
I got one of the American Apparel black lamé tube-bras a few months back with no idea when I would actually wear it. But alas, it has come in handy =].
I'm suprised so many liked the eyemakeup I tried out in the post below, I may actually wear it out sometime to my favourite punk/metal night in Manchester when uni begins again.

Oh and I'm still trying to whittle my 100s of photos from my travels down to 15-20 to share with you guys, it's so hard, but I'm excited to share them as they hold so many fun memories of the trip (cheesy,no?)


Panda Eyes.

I've never played around with makeup for the blog, and since I work during the holidays I don't get a chance to wear much but the basics most of the time. But when I saw the dramatic eyemakeup on the models for the editorial "Dolly Mixture" in September's British Vogue I took note.
I wear eyeliner on most nights out, but the model's eyes were lined more extravagently than normal, and when I noticed this big 'panda eye' look thought it might be fun to see if it could ever look acceptable worn on a normal person, for a night out.

At first I painted a large circle around the eye as seen in the ed, but that definitely looked too wierd, so I decided to make the circle smaller and I can see myself trying it again for a full-on night of dancing!

What do you guys think? Is it just my love for eyeliner thats encouraging my liking for exaggerated black eyes? I'm sure there are some of you that aren't so keen on it!

P.S Cupcakes & Cashmere just mentioned how Macdonalds Ham-Burgler character this looks with the striped top, and I must point out to anyone who thinks I've gone insane that was just what I was wearing today when I was trying it out, I wouldn't thief-it-up with this look to leave the house! =]


Pointless Worry.

I've got one of those colds that makes your nights and mornings dreadful, but the middle of your day almost normal. It means that the awful headaches and blocked nose creeps up on your throughout the evening and forces you to bed. Rubbish.

I went to move some stuff in at my new student house yesterday. I knew I had the worst room due to my godawful luck at picking numbers out of a hat, but I'd been hoping that the room wasn't as bad as I'd worked up in my head. Sadly it was worse. Tiny, with only room for a small bed and with - wait for it - an old sink in one corner, I now have literally no idea how I'm going to fit anything in it. The bed appears to take up 3/4s of the room on its own... But there is nothing that can be done about it now, my luck has failed me and I am confined to a pea-sized ex-bathroom for a year. At least it will fully encourage me to spend time in the uni library more and attempt a decent dissertation!!
Any other students who have to/have had to deal with rubbish rooms and landlords??
Since I've only been ill/ working/ feeling sorry for myself lately, I don't have much to offer, but this evening I did go out with my family to celebrate my parent's 27th wedding anniversary, and this is what I wore =]



I'm certainly still in a dark mindset for Autumn/Winter and did a little charity-shop browsing yesterday for a black denim shirt, but could only find a blue denim so will have to dye it.

However, it is still Summer and on Thursday night I wore a rather colourful dress. I bought it in Urban Outfitters in Canada last summer, but have never deemed an occasion just right for it due to its prettiness. But last week my mother was being nosy in my wardrobe and noticed the tags were still attached. Needless to say she wasn't happy that I had year old, unworn clothing and so what to wear out on Thursday evening was decided for me!

I'm glad I finally wore it though and I really love the different textured materials on the patchwork skirt part of the dress.


Back To The Real World.

After a fantastic month I am back home in cold and rainy England, having to think about work, university and (the worst) tidying my room. Argh!
I'd share my favourite photos from the trip, but right now I can't whittle them down to just a few, so I will share them another time. I pretty much loved everywhere, but I really liked Austria - it was so pretty!

Even though it is still a month until I move back to Manchester for uni (which is when I class Autumn as beginning) I can't help but start thinking about the next season, especially since I've come home to colder climates!

Top L-R: Topshop, ASOS hosiery, ASOS jackets, ASOS hosiery again
Bottom L-R Topshop, MbyMJ, Paraphernalia's etsy shop, Nine West

I don't know what has subconciously got me coveting only black items. Maybe it's the old cliche of black for winter, or maybe the credit crunch going on in the UK has inspired me into austerity and so I only desire dark, sombre colours?!

I'm certainly suffering from the inflation of food prices and household bills, I went to the supermarket last night and had to pay 60p for smartprice (the cheapest own name supermarket brand) apple juice. I'm sure I can remember paying almost half that for the same sort of product a year or so ago. Stuff like bread has literally gone up by a third in price in just a couple of months! It might not sound much to some but it will all add up and up my (already worrying) student debts.



It feels like so, so long since I have been in England!
Since my last post we have been to Venice, Innsbruck, Salzburg (possibly my favourite), Zurich, and are now in Barcelona.

At the city of Herculaneum, near the erruption of Vesuvius all those 2000 years ago, I got the boy to take some photos of me in one of the surviving rooms.
Only 4 acres has been excavated so far of the ash-slide covered town (compared to ten times that in Pompeii´s remains), but it was a lot more impressive than Pompeii. Not only stone, but metal, wood and lots of paint remained in the buildings! I couldn´t believe that some original wooden beams from BC were still there after thousands of years of decay!

These photos show how brightly coloured the rooms of the ancient houses were too. I´m afraid I was only wearing a romper that day as we intended to go to the beach afterwards.

p.s I really have very stumpy legs.