Against The Wall.

Today was the first day of lectures at uni and I'm already avoiding my reading in favour of eating cookies and generally being lazy. I will start tomorrow, I promise!
On a positive note, though, I've also been avoiding going into town and therefore avoiding spending too much money (although I did order some jewelery on Etsy the other day, oops!)... But for how long can I resist the lure of the shops?!


Simple Pimple (And Ozzy).

More black and white! Sometimes the most simple outfits really are my favourites to wear though.

Also, this is Ozzy. I met him at the weekend as he was also part of my friend's 21st celebrations and thought he dressed rather damn well. He goes to London College of Fashion (I think) and I persuaded him to let me take a photo of him... Though, judging from this pose he didn't need much persuasion haha!


Black & White Weekend

I'm back up North after my weekend away, stressing about buying books for my uni course modules - I wish I was spending the money on something else!
It was only when I arrived in London that I realised I had only really packed black and white items of clothing, not that I minded! I wore this bowler hat, that I recieved in the post last week, for the first time and (despite sitting on it and squashing it slightly -idiot-) was glad I'd bought it. I do love hats when I actually get round to wearing them!


Charles Anastase

EDIT (18/09): Going down to London for a friend's 21st this weekend, so no posts until Monday. Have a good weekend everyone!

We've only just got the internet set up at my new student house, so I've been completely out of the loop for the past few days! However, I was glad to be back online in time for LFW, with collections like this one on show.
The sheer fabrics, the shapes, the splashes of colour and print, the platforms... Yum.


Nail This.

It was my last shift at my holiday job at the bakery today, and although I was actually quite sad to be leaving (for a few months at least) it meant that I could get back to doing one of the finest things in life... Wearing nail varnish!

So as soon as my shift ended I headed into town and bought myself three new Barry M Nail Paints in Tangerine, Vivid Purple and Red Glitter (very Dorothy's ruby slippers) and as soon as I arrived home I indulged in a nail painting session.

Sometimes the most simple luxuries are the ones that make you feel the best =]



I'm not sure what made me decide that I should take the black and white tie-dye scarf from around my neck and tie it around my waist for the day in a scarf/skirt hybrid, but I did.

And I quite enjoyed having it there!

Also, has anyone been watching the paralympics?
The UK have two golds already, one won by the youngest ever British medal holder, Ellie Simmonds! She is only 13 and won in the S6 category of the 100 metres freestyle swimming.
The disability she has is the same as my younger brother's (achondroplasia - dwarfism) and the bro himself is hoping to get to London 2012 to compete in athletic events if he trains hard enough.

I, however, am bereft of all sporting genes and can hardly kick a ball, nevermind anything else! Anyway, I'm very proud of our paralympians today! =]


Wellington Boots

I'm sorry for the changing room photographs!

I wore my wellies for the first time in about three years yesterday. The weather here has been none stop torrential rainstorms for days now, and so the prospect of walking from my house to the train station was a dim one. Therefore I decided that instead of having to dodge all puddles on my way I would splash and splosh my way through them.
It certainly made the rain more fun =]

P.S Does anyone else feel like the hours they work take up double the amount of minutes that their spare time hours do?! I worked 8 hours today and it felt like 16, yet the 4 hours I've had at home seem to have whizzed by and I've got nothing accomplished!


Perplexed Gardners & Rainbows.

On my way home from lunch with a friend I spotted a rainbow. It wasn't particularly vivid or wide across the sky, in fact it was pretty average, but it made me smile and enjoy my walk home a lot more. I haven't seen one for ages!

I took these photos in my front garden when I arrived home. Looking rather conspicuous I hovered around in front of the camera, using the "2 second" self timer (which is not enough seconds)!

But soon I saw a perplexed gardner in the front garden of a house across the street watching me standing around awkwardly infront of a camera and so I hurried inside the house!