I often get emails telling me about new websites/ online boutiques etc, but don't often find the time to post about them. However, there is indeed a first time for everything and so when I was emailed about new fashion site Cocosa I decided to share it with you guys.

Cocosa is a luxury e-commerce site, recently launched by Bauer Media (who publish Grazia, Pop and so on). It offers exclusive sales of premium fashion brands at special discounted prices in 48 hour sales, and designers working with Cocosa at the moment include Pringle, PPQ, Matthew Williamson, Temperly and Christian Lacroix.

The website combines its sales with leading fashion editorial, "all designed to ensure that Cocosa delivers an experience normally reserved for the fashion insider".

Anyway, I joined up today and the sales really are pretty fantastic, so if you're wanting to splash out on something special, but can't afford the original price tag this is a great way to treat oneself.

The website is invitation only, but until November 14th my lovely readers can sign up using the invitation code "dressingup".
So get joining =]




I have been so busy doing really unproductive things lately. Like browsing online shoe stores, buying in real shoe stores and watching more internet TV than one ought to.

I have done one productive thing today though, as I bought/hired what I need for my (circus ringmaster style) halloween costume. I'm pretty scared about spilling something on the hired jacket, but fingers crossed there will be no accidents. I'm excited to get all fancy-dressed up on Friday, though my friends and I haven't yet decided which club we're going to. Decisions, decisions!

Also, is it only me who forgets how dark it goes so quickly in winter?!
Since the clocks went back it now gets dark at 5.30pm, which is insane.
Plus it is far too chilly and my nose is cold, even indoors, boo!


Autumn Leaf.

It was mine and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary on Thursday, and we celebrated with a meal and a trip to the IMAX cinema (eating and watching movies = 2 of my favourite things to do haha). I wore this vintage patterned dress, which I found in a bin of clothes at a vintage stall for something like £2 at a festival a few years back. I love bargains, I do!

Also, I dyed my hair for the first time in about a year this week. I used to dye it a lot more when I was younger, but I gave it a year off before the desire to get dying came back! It's pretty autumn-leaf coloured, which I love!
P.S My camera hates it at night, so apologies for the quality of the photos =]


Details + help needed

I haven't had the time to get anyone to take any photos for me over the last week and since there is no surface in my house that allows for decent self-timed shots I've had to resort to this. I love wearing these silver chains. I acually have six of them, but they're quite heavy so I'm only wearing three here!

Also, does anyone know how I could change the colours of my blog layout? I don't know if I can as this is one of the premade layouts you could choose from at the start, but I'd prefer a simple grey or something instead of the brown pattern that is on the back layer of the page...
I'd appreciate any help with that =]!!

Edit: Ah, I had to go into HTML as the background was an image and not a colour and change stuff there. Bare with me whilst I mess around with backgrounds and colours for the near future..!! (And thanks for the help everyone!)


The Fall

This week I went to see The Fall, and it was so, so beautiful. It was shot in 18 countries and the director, Tarsem Singh, funded it by taking jobs shooting advertisements in each country he wanted to shoot in. I love that so much effort and love was put into making it.

Here is the synopsis:
Roy Walker (Lee Pace), an early 20th century Hollywood stuntman, lands in the hospital after performing a dangerous stunt to impress his girlfriend. Distraught and suicidal after losing her, the bedridden Roy befriends a fellow patient, a young girl named Alexandria (Catinca Untaru). He enchants her with vivid, fantastical tales about six heroes — an Indian, an ex-slave named Ota Benga, an Italian explosives expert, Charles Darwin, a mystic, and a masked bandit — who unite to fight a common enemy, Governor Odious. Although Roy has genuine affection for Alexandria, he also has an ulterior motive: by telling tales and gaining her trust, he tricks her into stealing morphine from the hospital pharmacy so he can commit suicide.

Go see it =]


Let It Bleed.

I know half of the world now has bleached jeans, but I've been wanting to try it out for months and finally got round to it a few weeks ago. Sadly, my DIY skills are - for lack of a better word - crap, and so I went a bit OTT with the bleach and the jeans went practically all white!

Also, I recieved this necklace that I'd bought from HelloDrama on Etsy yesterday morning and (unusually for me) put it on straight away. A lot like the Alex and Chloe version, but much more affordable. =]


Tangled Up In Plaid.

A pretty straightforward outfit. This plaid skirt was the only item I bought on my Inter Rail trip in Europe this Summer.
I hadn't been in a shop for almost a month so I dragged the boy into H&M Madrid and we both found something (/anything) to purchase! But I'm kind of glad I bought it now, I'm not into plaid as much as other "trends" but I am happy with my skirt =]
p.s Brownie points for anyone who knows the song in the title! (Or the song name their song title was inspired by haha!)


Haider Ackermann

There seemed to be a lack of pants (and bottom-halves in general) in this collection, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I loved the various textures used and the black pieces mixed with nude coloured booties.

P.S I've been feeling a bit AWOL from the blog for the last week or two, and now I think I'm coming down with a bug or a bad cold, but I will be back on track soon!