Pub, Club, Sleep

I have just been playing around with an old pair of leggings and some bleach and now have sore, pink hands. Not good!
These photos are from a night out on Tuesday.
I love this Topshop tank, tanks with tails are the way forward!
And my lovely friend Charl's sparkly, blue tunic reminds me of Christmas time.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend =]



I'm so behind in the blogging world, I've only just discovered how fantastic Bloglovin' is. No need to go through my entire Favourites list every day just incase of an update, yay! Anyway, if you would like to add my blog to your bloglovin' account, just click here:

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Lately when I've been shopping I've only been drawn to tanks, tees and sweaters. I've no idea why, but dresses, trousers (and even shoes!) just don't seem to be registering at the moment. What I'm especially coveting at the moment is sweaters with prints on, and here are a few of my favourites on Polyvore.
The description on four of these was in a language I cannot read (possibly Japanese) so I can't tell you where they are each from I'm afraid, but lets just marvel at them =].


Run. Work. Laze.

The last week has been crammed full of running/bike riding (attempting to get fit) and library visits (I had one of those moments where exactly how much work you need to do dawns on you, and it's approximately 10,000 words within the next 3 weeks... Oops). Oh, and the obligatory "wasting time online" sessions, which for me seem to run into time that I should use sleeping!

I'm currently sat in bed with two blankets on top of me and the hood of my cosy sweater up, drinking herbal tea and loading up various internet TV (today is Tru Blood and old America's Next Top Model seasons), with five books and mountains of papers tossed at the end of the bed, as if I'm suddenly going to find the motivation to work on an essay tonight. Me thinks not!

I still appear to be wearing a lot of black.
This scarf is so cosy though that I don't mind one bit that it is absent of colour!

P.S I loved reading the replies to my question about where everyone wanted to be in my recent post. The responses were so varied - many different countries and many different reasons for wishing to be there, and I love how diverese all of us bloggers are, but with a feeling of unity amongst us. =]


Skeletons In Your Closet.

"Evoluzione Della Specie"
From November's Elle Italia.
I'm such a sucker for anything involving skeletons!
One of the drawbacks to the layout I have is how small images have to be to fit in, so just click these and they will come up larger for maximum effect =]!

[Source: foto_decadent]


Far Away [Take Me]

Today I came home and opened the fridge door. Then an open carton of Thai chicken soup fell on me and, in comic fashion, covered me from waist to toe in liquid. That was loads of fun...

In happier news, I finally got round to wearing my new(est) shoes, these Topshop beauties, after sitting them on my desk and just staring at them for three weeks as if they were art and not actually meant for wear on my feet. Does anyone else do this with their favourite new purchases?
I know Rumi has already posted herself looking fantastic in these, but I thought I'd inflict on you my extra crap images of them, haha. =]

Also, I would like to be back here (Innsbruck):

Or here (Salzburg):

The three days I spent in each city during my Inter Rail trip wasn't nearly enough. I think I have a thing for river/mountain/city combos.
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?


Mirror Image/

The past fortnight I have lived in black jeans and my black, velvet jacket. I haven't been out of style inspiration exactly, its just that this is what feels right at the moment. Maybe I will break out of the habit starting tomorrow? Does anyone else feel like they're happiest in the simplest of outfits at the moment, or is it just me? Hmmm!

Also, I've just got cracker crumbs all over my just-hoovered carpet - sad times.

Oh and a few of you asked what label the leopard print booties I drooled over and polyvored were and they're D&G. =]


I Dream.

In a dream world, this is what I'd be wearing right now.
Instead I'm sat in bed nursing a particularly brutal hangover.
I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend =].


Keep It Cosy.

There is a chill in the air, which calls for days lounging around in a big cardigan and skater boots. I also couldn't face putting in my contact lenses today after I got something in my eyes last night that made them swell up red and puffy (I have no idea what). Not fun!
Also, what is with the shops already having Christmas themed window displays?! It gets earlier every year, boo!
And my header change is to be the last tweak to my layout for a while I think, so don't worry, I shan't be messing it up too much anymore!


Cakes & Costumes.

On Halloween we baked cakes, cookies and decorated gingerbread pumpkins. Then we ate them and went out dancing dressed in silly costumes.
It was fun =].
Now I am going home for a few days as I have a 'Reading Week' from university. I'm looking forward to some home cooking, and maybe I will even get some uni work done! Hmmm!