Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas? Mine made up for my not so fun birthday, yay =].
I've eaten so much food the last few days, it's ridiculous!
How is everyone finding the "January" sales?
I can't believe how early they start, and I'm always so indecisive that the things I decide to buy have sold out by the time I go to purchase them! This happened to me with a couple of things on the Topshop website this year, haha. Oh well - I should be saving anyway!



Sorry that these images are blurred, I got a new camera for my birthday and hadn't learnt how to use it/ change settings and so on. Plus I didn't have the flash on. Anyway, I wore this for my 21st birthday celebrations with the family and boyfriend.
Sadly, it didn't go according to plan as by the start of my main-course of the meal I felt terribly ill and had to go up to the hotel room I was sharing with my boyfriend... Where I stayed all night feeling awful - hot and cold flushes, feeling sick, flu symptoms... While the boyfriend and my father drank my birthday wine downstairs in the bar, tut tut!
This would only happen on my 21st wouldn't it? Haha.
I've also had to stay off work for the last couple of days, which means I'm missing out on earning money that I really need, so all in all I'm not having the best time.

I hope everyone else is having a better Christmas time - hopefully mine will perk up soon!



I have been so, so busy for the last week. It hasn't felt like Christmas time at all -I've been writing and writing and typing and printing and handing in work constantly, argh!

It is my housemate's 21st birthday today (and mine tomorrow =D) so we are having a bit of a celebration for us both tonight, going for a meal and then going out for a dance.
I will hopefully have more time to blog next week, though I will be working full time except for Christmas day!

I wish my wardrobe looked as fun as this when it's a mess!


Reminiscing.// Very Image Heavy Post.

Its the middle of winter and therefore the ideal time to reminisce about one's summer holiday!
I never actually got round to posting photos from my amazing European trip this summer, so I thought I'd share some of them.
I'm sorry that the post is so image heavy, but I had so much trouble only choosing a few photos from each place! =]

Pompeii/ Sorrento









All Saints

I would love to own any of these pieces from All Saints, but especially the vest with the wolf design.

What is everyone's favourite Christmas song?
(If you have a favourite/ celebrate Christmas that is)

I know its cheesey, but whenever I hear "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah C, I get all giddy! In fact, I may have to go Youtube it right now..!



The lovely people at Weardrobe have featured She's Dressing Up as their blog to "Explore" today, so thank you guys!

If you haven't checked out Weardrobe before, get over there pronto. It's full of great wardrobe inspiration from all over the world!
P.S My laptop has suffered from "Blue Screen Of Death" and is away at Computer Hospital being fixed, so I'm currently resorting to living in the library in order to type up all of my essays, boo!
PP.S - My good friend Mike is in People Hospital (as opposed to computer hospital haha) at the moment having his appendix out. He fell ill in the night on Friday so the boyfriend and I took him some stomach-bug medicine yesterday morning... Needless to say that didn't help since it turned out to be appendicitis!! I hope he is feeling OK soon, we are going to visit him this evening.
[ I've disabled comments on this post, but if you want to wish Mike well (as Im sure he'd love to be told that loads of well dressed women (and men) from across the globe care about him!) just comment on the post below =] ]



After bleaching some leggings the other day I was reminded of this shirt, which I bleached at the start of summer, but hadn't yet worn. I've played around with a few different items since, but the way that this turned out is still my favourite.
It does remind me of something a painter/decorator would wear to work, but I'm happy regardless!

Also, if anyone wishes to purchase me these Colonial Madness cutout boots from Urban Outfitters, feel free to do so - I take a UK 6... =] hehe.


Ice Art.

I went back home to my parent's house this weekend to see my family, and when I woke up on Sunday morning the garden had iced over, leaving on show frosted works of art created by some talented spiders!