The Mighty Reds. [And Cosy Knits]

This big, knitted zip-up is one of my favourite things to wear on a cold, grey day as it gives instant cosiness! Also, this belt was just from Primark, but I love the buckle!
Last night I went to see the football team I support (Liverpool FC) play and it was such a fun night... Well, except for the final score as we only drew 1-1.
Our seats were in a really good place, and I managed to snap some good photos of the team warming up near us, including a few of this beauty; Mr Fernando Torres. Also, I bought my first Liverpool FC scarf outside the ground from a stallholder who's young son was helping out =]. I'm glad I bought it because it started to snow and so being sat outside for two hours meant I was freezing!
I wish I'd worn two pairs of socks!

[Sorry for the slight off topic nature of the 2nd part of this post, I can't help myself!]


  1. Coooool jacket!

    xoxo: Janet

    P.S.: Sorry I am not a football fan... ;)

  2. Love your outfit :D

    I would love to go watch a football game in England. Chelsea of course <3 :-)

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  4. u look lovely!!!
    and so does Fernando Torres. <3 him looots!!
    ur jacket is so nice

  5. I love the knitted outfit :)

  6. LOovve the buckle!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! So awesome ;-)

  7. The sleeves on the cardigan are cool and i like the colours of the scarf!!

  8. great belt! I'm surprised it's from Primark <3

  9. I LOVE THE BELT! So unique. & I am so jealous you got to see torres! I have always watched the matches he play for spain

  10. I am obsessed with that belt! I would love to go to a soccer game! That sounds like a blast!

  11. Ooo lovely lovely belt! =) you've got such interesting accessories...

  12. Thanks for the comment!!
    Lovely OUTFIT. I love Fernando Torre too, he is amazing!

  13. Hi there-great scarf!! My little Robert adores Mr Torres, lucky you!!

  14. The cardigan looks really comfortable and cosy :)

  15. thanks a lot,you're so right !

    I really love your first outfit - especially the belt !

  16. Oooh, I adore your outfit. But more importantly, I covet your hair!!!
    And I love watching footie matches (on tv here in Australia!)...my best friend would love you, it'll be that Liverpool thing...he purposely went to uni near there so he could go to matches!

    Have a great day bella

  17. Love the belt, if adds someting to the knit/jacket.

    ansv: I hope so too but probably it has a to small garden for my/our taste.

    Keep fingers crossed.


  18. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you support liverpool!!! so do I :D
    YOU GO GIRL! haha.
    I was gutted about the match though, we neeeeeeeeeeed to win! haha. (sorry, I get a bit passionate!)

    thank you very much honey :)
    and I love your coat


  19. you look so good. love your zipper it looks so comfi but also chic! and fernadro torres is so hot :D

  20. i like the wide belt. super cute.

  21. i like the wide belt. super cute.

  22. hahah fun, nice to know you're a fan! Your belt is AMAZING! And you look fabulous all around as always.

  23. that's the problem with america, nobody here cares about soccer =(

  24. amazing belt and knitwear hottie! i love going to sports games too..such fun atmosphere :)

    and yes somehow surviving on my budget!!? not easy though as i am a spendaholic.

    hope you had a great day!!!!! love LM xxx :)

  25. you look great! Very Classy! Love that belt!!

  26. what do you mean "just from primark"?? you should check out my latest post with the shoes from ...asda! lol... very nice belt regardless.

  27. Nice belt! My sister is a staunch supporter of MUFC and most of my family seem to support Liverpool....doesn't help that she goes to uni there too. Aside from the fact it is a Liverpool scarf so the colours are a given, It's a really lovely scarf!

  28. Love that scarf and belt!


  29. Thanks!!!!
    I so like yours as well!! So warm and chic!!


  30. Thanks for all the comments you gorgeous people =].

    And horrah for other football fans!!

  31. Nice scarf and cute zip up, the warm cozy part sounds perfect with the rain we've been having here :)

  32. Weird that the colours are grey and red of the scarf....doesn't look like a LFC scarf at all!

  33. You are so lucky.
    MLS football sucks, I wish I lived in England.
    I love Torres.

  34. I love the second picture in your latest post, her freckles are beautiful.

  35. that zip up sure does look comfy!!

  36. Hey another fooball Liverpool fan here. Lucky you! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. Have you ever read the blog kickette.com? If not you must check it out asap!

    - Smurfette

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