Boy & Tag.

Since it was Valentines Day on Saturday, I thought I would dedicate a post to my boyfriend Tom. I hardly ever post any photos of him on here, despite the fact he dresses perfectly in my opinion!

Here is what he wore on Valentines Day when we took Alfie for a long walk (hence the red dog lead round his left hand, haha).

Shirt - Run&Fly, Leather Jacket - Vintage, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Vans
Leather Studded Cuff - Topman (Bought by meeee for Valentines Day!)

Here is the tag I got from Niviarsiaq last week. I was going to do all three tags I got recently in one post, but it would be so much text, so I will do them gradually!

a) Four places I go to over and over
- The library - I know it is boring as sin but I'm in my uni library at least four or five days a week getting books out and working on various assignments... However, it is either too hot and you want to fall asleep or its freezing cold, which is equally as distracting. Argggh!
- The city centre - Even if I don't have any money to spend I love wandering round the shops and having a coffee.
- Satans Hollow - Its my favourite club, and I don't go out on nights out as often as in the past few years, but I do often get urges to visit this club all the time!
- Anywhere selling diet coke and cheesecake... Yum.

b) Four people who email me regularly
- University
- Studentbeans.com - just incase any students in the UK aren't aware of this site, it is full of discounts and vouchers for all sorts of places for us students to use!
- Various newsletters and press people
- No one else really... If anyone wants to send me fun emails do so, I hardly get any personal ones these days! =]

c) Four favorite smells
- Fresh bread and cookies... Which is nice during my holiday job in a bakery
- Bonfires, and that smell after someone has blown out the candles on their birthday cake
- I quite like the smell of marker pens, worrying?!
- Vanilla

d) Four places I would rather be right now
- Vancouver [in fact Tom and I are seriously considering maybe trying to move over to Canada for a year to work from September or so... His dad (and soon his mum) live in Vancouver so at least we'd know them!]
- At my family home, where it is very warm and cosy and my mother would make me cups of tea
- In a really nice restaurant... I never say no to a meal out!
- A new and exciting city I've never visited

e) Four TV shows I watch
- LOST - Still the best thing everrrrrrr.
- Greys Anatomy - But I'm so behind, I'm only on the 1st episode of season 2!!!
- Gossip Girl
- Friday Night Lights - I'm only on season 1 of this, but I love it.


  1. I love Friday Night Lights - just wait til you get through season 2!!!!! Ahhh Tim Riggins!

  2. Your boyfriend does dress perfectly, so many guys don't! Hope you had a nice Valentines day together! Char x

  3. i love gossip girl, and your boyfriend dresses so well. lucky girl :)

  4. I love his jacket!

    Vancouver is so so so lovely. I used to live there, and I loved it.

    AND LOST!! GREY'S ANATOMY!! OMGGGG LOSTTTT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH just thinking about it gets me excited, as you can tell haha.

  5. Aww great post. I love your bf's style!

  6. cute! hope u had a lovely day =)


  7. I'm lovin' that black leather jacket. Do tell him "good choice" for me. :-)

  8. The jacket on him is perfect!!!!!

  9. You have such a stylish boyfriend! Might I steal his jeans? And I luuurve fresh bread...mmm...carbs!

  10. I used to watch Grey's Anatomy almost religiously, but it was getting in the way of The Office. Your BF's jacket is so cool. I like his jeans too.

  11. Ur boyfriend jacket is really fashionable! :)

  12. Hi there-a fab picture, I do love his jeans!!

  13. he is really cool!
    Love his shoe combination...all is perfect!

    a kiss friend!

  14. wow nice job! love his jeans and that jacket

  15. love the shade of the jeans and the way the jacket isn't the typical bomber, he has marvy style!

  16. I love your bf's jeans and jacket!

  17. the smell of fresh bread is just amazing - it's one of my favorites as well.

    As for the move to Canada - totally do it. Esp to Vancouver - great city.

  18. your man def looks good... suitable to be a fashion bloggers boy ;-)


  19. Your boyfriend is adorable. I'm so behind on greys and gossip girl

  20. Wow! Your boy is one sharp dresser!

  21. Your boyfriend dresses really well! I like the pants he has on.
    And great answers! I have Lost on my iPod!! It's such a great show but I am SOOooo behind! I love libraries. I walk down the street to mine occasionally and end up having to walk back home with like 5 really thick books and my arm falls asleep! haha!

  22. I love his jacket. He looks so cool!

  23. Awww, great post... your boyf's super stylish.

    Those jeans! Wow.

  24. I really like how your boyfriend dresses, especially that jacket

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. I practically live in the library...

  27. mmm, I love the smell of fresh cookies too. It must be a treat to your senses to work in a bakery!

  28. a few things...
    1) tom's vans = amazing. please pass on the compliment haha!
    2) youre gonna love season 2 and 3 of grey's! after that it deteriorates a bit but i wont spoil anything for you...
    3) LOST = the single best show ever. i love how there are all these rabid fans...its either a show youre committed to or not! jj abrams is amazing and there is talk of a movie to end it all, in place of just a regular tv finale! (dont htink its gonna happen, thou)
    andrea xoxoxx
    Life In Technicolor

  29. Your boyfriend does dress well. He's lovely.

  30. hej!never thought somebody is looking at my blog:D.really like your boyfriends outfit here.and im jealous of your chanel necklace!its awesome!

  31. your boyfriend seems so amazing, he has such good taste in cloths. I especially like his jeans

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