[Leather Skirt: Balmain, Pocket Tang: A. Wang, Boots: A. Wang, Bear Necklace: Comme Des Garcons]

I graduate tomorrow! Very, very nervous for the whole walking-on-stage-and-having-name-called-out-whilst-wearing-hat-and-gown thing. Arrrgghhh. But my parents have booked a table at a lovely restaurant for afterwards, and food makes most things better..!

Also, a guy at work saw me without my hat on today (I work in a bakery so wear a hideous mesh trilby) and was like "why did you cut your hair off??", basically insinuating that it looked awful and short hair on a woman could do nothing but make them look ugly!

It is such a ridiculous point of view, but it makes me wonder if other men/women might think I look unfeminine when they see I have short hair?
Hmmm. I personally love having short hair, and love seeing other young women with great short haircuts, but sometimes in certain nightclubs, for example, where many woman are wearing long hair extensions and have glamourous long, curly hair etc I do feel slightly self concious that there aren't any other short haired girls around me. =/

However, this co-worker in question also bragged about his use of sunbeds and moisturiser and appears to think of himself as a"lady's man" (haaa), so his opinion on my haircut does not particularly matter, haha!

P.S Comments tomorrow promise promise promise. I feel bad doing a post when I've not returned comments yet!


  1. ohhh good on your graduation!! and congratualtions too! haha don't listen to any boy who goes on sunbeds, short hair is so huge with all the guys i know, they are obsessed with keri hilson and frankie from the saturdays, oh i love her hair!!

  2. Urgh. Loads of guys are like that. They have it set in their minds that girls have long hair and guys have short hair. Even if a girl looks 500% better with short hair, they can't get past it.

    Don't worry about it. He's probably not at all fashionable and I bet you don't like his hair either.

    Your hair is spectacular! I wish I could have short hair, but I have too many jaw issues for that!

  3. Your co-worker sounds a little ridiculous, and a little hilarious. I personally love your short cut and if i coulf away with it, I'd probabaly have one myslef.
    Working in a backery sounds like much fun, free cakes, horray!

  4. these pieces are all beautiful, especially the necklace
    great choices!!

    check out my blog @

  5. good luck and congratulations!

  6. what a great skirt and boots!
    when I cut my hair off, all boys were like; what a pity! I don't think I know a boy who prefers short hair above long hair. maybe it's their instinct or something?

  7. congratulation!!! all this stuff are gorgeous!

  8. ahhhh, that necklace is AMAZING! I need, I need, I neeeed!
    eww, that man sounds horrible! your hair is amazing and very pretty!

    good luck with your graduation, honey!! :)

  9. I adore this necklace...MUST HAVE!


  10. Perfect, those Alexander Wang boots haunt my dreams!

  11. I think the hair looks great! Congrats on your graduation :)

  12. Oh Yay! Congratulations! I think you look gorgeous with your short hair. Not many girls can pull off short hair and long hair is easier to have because it can hide a lot of flaws. xxoxoxo

  13. Love the leather skirt and the tee!!

  14. Hi there-he sounds a right one for sure, LOL! Have a great Graduation day my dear, a truly memorable experience!!

  15. Congratulations!
    And some guys really do think that despite the year we're living in. Sad.

  16. You definitely don't need to listen to guys that go tanning on a regular basis and use selftanner. Ew.
    I like the short hair, it looks good on you! I want my hair long again but just because I want it and not because other people tell me that short hair is unfeminine. Your hair looks great the way it is!

  17. Love that composition (in particulary the alexander wang shoes). Good luck for the fraduation, I'm sure everuthing will be right ;-)

  18. congrats on the graduation!
    and those boots are amazing!!! so hard edged!

  19. I like your hair and I think it is very cute and girlie! I hope your graduation went well...Happy Friday!

  20. I love that necklace!! What a great find :) Congrats on graduating!

  21. congratulations on graduating!
    as long as you think you look good then thats all that should matter.

    p.s i think you look good with short hair

  22. wow every item up there is incredbible
    especially that skirt . WOW
    oh and i get that guy thing were they want every girls hair to be 6 ft long ?
    gross they dont understand anything sometimes

    your hair looks beyond chic

  23. I really wonder why guys can't appreciate short hair. It's edgy and cute and leaves so much more of one's face to be seen and appreciated.

    Men, they're impossible sometimes.

    Congrats on graduation!

  24. Oooh the balmain skirt= love!

    I think you look bloody awesome with your short hair. Your colleague has such a dated outlook! I always envy girls who can get away with short hair!

  25. Love your graduation outfit! Those gowns are surprisingly heavy!
    You look great with short hair, I used to have a bob, and I always felt very sharp and different with it. I'm growing my hair at the moment for a change, but I can see myself going back to a bob

  26. Congrats on your graduation!!

    You look really good in short hair so don't worry. :P

  27. congrats on your graduation!
    wow wow wow i really love your hair, its really pretty :) gorgeous dress in your previous post to.

  28. love the vest and the necklace - wow! nice blog!

    nicola xx


  29. I loveee that outfit!
    and good luck tomorrow!!!
    Have lots of fun.

  30. gorgeous skirt! like it


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