Night Drive

I took this photo back in January and it seems relevant for two reasons.
  1. It feels like my life is speeding past in a blur right now. How is it almost August already?! I'm STILL in crap-blogger mode. Every day I seriously think "maybe I will get time to devote to blogging and commenting today", and then suddenly its midnight or something! I need some sort of device that will slow time down to a reasonable pace...
  2. I had my first driving lesson today (only four years after I could have legally started haha) and it was lots of fun, in a completely scary way. I managed to drive about 30 meters whilst feeling only mild panic, which is better than I expected (haaa), and I'm very excited for my next lesson already.


  1. I really like this photo, you really captured something here. It's kind of scary how time flies.
    Oh and i can totally relate to driving lessons, i'm thinking of getting mine next week, but just the thought of it makes my palms sweaty.
    Anyways good luck with your lessons.

  2. yup, time flies...
    gosh, good luck with the driving lessons, I don't think I'll ever get brave enough to start learning.

  3. I'm also panicking here because it's already Aug. 4th quarter of the year is almost here and I still have not bought an iPhone. Haha. I have shallow goals.

  4. Cool picture!! And good luck on the driving lessons! I have my license, but am still 'learning'! Let's just say I don't wanna drive with my Dad!:):)

  5. I love that photo!

    I started learning to drive five years ago and still haven't passed!

  6. I totally agree with that first point! I am so rubbish at blogging these days...you are pretty regular though I would say!

  7. I can't believe it's August either! Summer does go by fast! xxoxoxo

  8. good luck with the lessons:D
    I find that if you plan to blog you never end up doing it lol

  9. great capture -- hope things are well!! gluck with your lessons!!


  10. Don't get panic.Driving is a wonderful experience, good luck! Btw, nice picture!

  11. Wow...you have great style! I love those shoes in the last post! This is a wonderful blog that I will visit often!

    p.s. love the leopard print!

  12. i've hit the blogger wall lately too, I feel like every day I promise myself I'll make time to roam the blogs, and then never get a chance!

  13. I love this photo.
    You're so right, where has this year gone?! It will be Christmas before we know it!

    Good luck with your driving lessons!

    P.s I love your blog :-)


  14. Awesome photo, really dynamic!


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