Hi everyone! I know I'm still being an awful blogger this summer (I think someone might be stealing the hours from my day without me knowing). but whilst I get back on track I have a fantastic giveaway for any American readers out there!

I've teamed up with the lovely people at chickdowntown.com to give away this gorgeous pink "Love Potion #9" tee by Wildfox Couture. A perfect summer essential that can be dressed up or down as you please, you would be mad not to enter! After you've entered, head on over to chickdowntown.com for a browse/ purchase and don't forget to check out their twitter and facebook page!
  • The giveaway will run for TEN days, ending at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 2nd August.
  • To enter leave a comment here telling me HOW YOU WOULD SPEND YOUR PERFECT SUMMER DAY.
  • PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. [I forgot to put this in the rules originally so commenters up to commenter SEVEN will be entered anyway and if you win I shall hunt you down, but everyone please give me a way to contact you =] thanks]
  • When the contest ends I will pick a winner at random out of all elegible applicants and notify Chickdowntown so that they can send out your tee.
  • Sorry to my fellow Europeans, and everyone else from around the globe, but the giveaway is ONLY OPEN TO THOSE OF YOU INSIDE THE U.S.

    Good luck everyone; I'm excited to find out what your perfect summer day would be!

    P.S When you head over to chickdowntown.com make sure you check out Sir Alistair Rai. The Aloo-Chaat jumper pants that are on sale are almost as amazing as the tee in this giveaway!


  1. My perfect summer day involves warm ocean water, big waves and a damn good swim! And it wouldn't hurt if there was a margarita waiting for me when I got back to my sandy towel :)

  2. My perfect summer day includes:
    - My hubby
    - A light pink sundress
    - mint green eyeshadow with baby pink lips
    - Gold jewelry
    - A picnic basket with yummy food like chicken salad sandwiches, fizzy grape juice, and blueberry crumble cake
    - A red and white picnic throw
    - A park with large leafy trees and plenty of shade
    - SPF 45

    Haha- is that specific enough? thanks for your cool posts

  3. Why can't we live in America? Not fair at all. Have you worn the hat yet? Does it fit on your head? xxx

  4. Oooh I'm loving the 1st two summer days... ahh perfect! Keep them coming statesiders! =]

  5. Yay!!! I love giveaways! My perfect summer day would be hiking to a beautiful waterfall and pool where I could swim and look at nature all day long with the hubby. I am bound to find a waterfall AND pool here....


  6. Hmm. My perfect summer day would be spent at a lakehouse with best friends and our boys, where we would swim, go boating, grill out and sip mojitos, and watch the sun shimmering on the water at sunset. Ending by cuddling up to my boy by a bonfire at night.

    Love the tee :)


  7. my perfect summer day is to travel
    some place with my family and mr. freddy
    and wearing that pink tee!


  8. My perfect summer day would start by waking up without an alarm clock...then writing a bit, riding my horse, and hanging out with my dogs outside and seeing my best friend.

    I love this shirt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. thanks for telling me about this! i would love to enter but i live in canada, oh well

    thanks for the thought though, it was super sweet! I really appreciate you visiting Fashion Handglide

  10. Thanks for the comment!:)
    My perfect summer day.... a cool breeze, the ocean, and a beach with no people, except my family...:)

  11. Thanks for the heads up!! :)
    My perfect summer day would be filled with lots of sun, friends, relaxing and amazing snacks. We would be next to a beautiful lake and play water games and much fun would be had.

  12. cute tee
    perfect summer day-out on the boat with the family and friends. Then a picnic at the park. Then a movie with dessert, Mm!
    KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

  13. I need pink in my wardrobe!

    Perfect summer day would include:
    - downloading and listening to new music
    - eating sashimi sushi
    - finding the perfect pair of sunglasses
    - buying a pair of Sigerson Morrison sandals
    - meeting a cute straight boy who dresses well
    - playing in a kiddie pool
    - reading for pleasure
    - dancing like a crazy person to hiphop
    - wearing this tshirt!

  14. Hmmm, my perfect summer day would definitely involve...
    -hanging out with my little sister (we're pretty close)
    -making a mix CD & dancing to it in my room
    -stretching and achieving my splits (almost there!)
    -using my parents' credit card (:
    -getting a letter in the mail
    -wearing a white flowy cotton sundress
    -eating brown-rice sushi
    -having a sleepover with my two closest friends

    Ahh, I'm now in the mood to do all of these things! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  15. Ah. My summer perfect summer day isn't a typical one. I love to take photos so I grab a few of my friends and we walk around, finding parks or cute little places and take pictures. Since this is my perfect day, food has to be involved somehow so throw that in there.


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I've already had a perfect summer day! So I will wish to have it again. It goes like this: My four best friends and I head up to our mountain house by a giant lake. After sailing all day, eating cheese and grapes with wine on the island, and returning home to tan in the sun,we slip on our towels (and nothing else!) and wait until the last boat is out of the water. As soon as it gets dark, we jump in the lake and skinny dip until our skin is all pruny. I love my best friends, and any day spent in the sun enjoying our youth is a perfect one.

    -the fashion kiwi

  18. My perfect summer day would be spent with my two best girls. We would spontaneously take a plane ride to Bora Bora. Drink lemonade and mojitos on the beach under the sunny rays, watch cute boys pass by, and dance with no music. We would laugh so hard that our cheeks would cramp, but the pain would be worth the laugh. My perfect summer would have no worries, just peace and laughter.

    What would your perfect summer be?


  19. How are you doing? It's nice to see you on my comment page again.

    lovely pink tee!!

    ps: love love your necklace from the last post.

  20. Oooh, love Wildfox! Perfect summer day would consist of going to either an amusement park or fair. Whenever I go on rides, I'm reminded of my childhood and have fun being a total kid. I'd spend the day eating ice cream, cotton candy and any other assorted over-priced food that you know is too greasy, but yet too good for you to NOT eat. All this fun would be perfect while wearing this t-shirt!

    xo, Becs

  21. Oh giveaway! Thanks for telling me about this. Hmm, my perfect summer day is spending a day at the beach and boardwalk with my boyfriend. :)


  22. my favorite summer days start off getting up really early in the morning with my best girl, strapping the surf boards on the car, driving down to the beach, spend the day surfing, catching some rays and getting brown, they we rinse off and throw a summer dress on and find some little ice cream place to watch the sunset and drive home late at night with the perfect summer playlist!


  23. Sun!!! I only need sun!


  24. Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

    Here they are:

    - http://whatsworn.blogspot.com/

  25. Ah, you've made my day...j'adore Wildfox Couture.

    I would spend my perfect summer day on a picnic blanket along the French Quais. A cute boy would sit beside me, and we'd share bits of a baguette with one another as we gaze deeply into each other's eyes. Oui, I can imagine no better way to spend a summer day! :)


  26. Gotta love it. Wildfox Couture makes some very cute shirts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Evie - Please add something about how you would spend your perfect summer day; just a word or two will do! I'd love to enter you into the contest but I really need you to answer the question! =]

  28. Evie - Please add something about how you would spend your perfect summer day; just a word or two will do! I'd love to enter you into the contest but I really need you to answer the question! =]

  29. !! I entered above and failed to put down my email address. Here it is:

    Thanks again for this opportunity!! :)

  30. Cute tee! My perfect summer day would consist of rolling out of bed at noon, sunbathing all afternoon at the beach with icy margaritas, a slow and relaxing sushi dinner with my BF, and finished off with a nighttime pool party with all my friends!



  31. Cool giveaway! My perfect summer day involves doing nothing and relaxing on a comfortable couch with my boyfriend talking about the most random things. xxoxoxo

  32. My perfect summer day would have to include spending a day vintage shopping with my friends, eating at my favorite restaurant, then ending the day by seeing one of my favorite bands, preferably outdoors.


  33. My perfect summer day would consist of lounging on the wraparound porch of a
    big, old southern home and drinking
    iced tea!

  34. my perfect summer day would include:

    -biking to the beach early with a picnic basket of goodies
    -spending the afternoon at the museum
    -eating dinner and watching the sunset from my wrap-around porch
    - and finally..catching a movie in the park under the stars

    oh those summer days!

    p.s. love you dress. you look tres chic!

  35. my perfect summer day would include:

    -biking to the beach early with a picnic basket of goodies
    -spending the afternoon at the museum
    -eating dinner and watching the sunset from my wrap-around porch
    - and finally..catching a movie in the park under the stars

    oh those summer days!

    p.s. love you dress. you look tres chic!

    sorry i forgot my email

  36. I adore Wildfox and have had my eye on this t-shirt for awhile now! My absolute perfect summer day would be spent at a picnic in the park I'd play in the most growing up and I'd be with my parents who live on the other side of the country and my sister. We'd ideally use the big pink blanket we used when I was a toddler. We'd eat fried chicken, corn on the cob, and watermelon. And I'd play on the swings and sea-saw with my sister like the good ole' days! :)

  37. Sorry- I got carried away with the thought of even playing at that park! As I was hitting submit, I realized I forgot my e-mail!


  38. my perfect summer day would be spent with all my friends frolicking on the beach, ending with drinks and dinner out on the patio watching the sunset!

    pigeontoedblog [at] gmail [dot] com

  39. my perfect summer day:

    -a huge beach bbq at my fave beach in hawaii
    -inviting all my friends and family
    -bonfire at night with smores!
    -cuddling with the boyfriend
    -messy sea-salty hair
    -barefeet wearing denim cutoffs and a cute bandeau bikini top with vintage rayban clubmaster sunglasses to top it off!

    can't forget the outfit for the day :) thanks!

    email: cassankl@gmail.com

  40. My perfect summer day involves hanging out at the beach with friends, Key Lime Pie ice cream, pizza, and some great music

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  41. My perfect summer day would be to sleep in (but not TOO late) and wake up to the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the coast. Then taking a walk to go get breakfast, followed by reading a book alllll day! And then drinks in the evening!

  42. My perfect summer day is easy: I wake up at 9 AM to a sunny morning, one where just enough light fills in my window, but not too much to spoil it and make it too hot. I have a full, English Tea-styled picnic packed including scones, cupcakes, clotted cream, preserves, tea, lemonade, and other pretty little things. I make a bento box with salsa, guacamole and Hello Kitty biscuits, pack everything up, throw on a red bathing suit and a cute coverup/dress, grab my boyfriend, and we head for the beach to throw eachother in the water, munch on our snacks, and have a sandy day. I finish it by bringing a book for me and something for him to do while I soak up some Vitamin D and read, then head home for a night on the town with him.


    ( i hope im still eligible, i tried to post this comment on sunday but it didn't work for some reason... Blogger wasn't reading my google ID or something)

  43. my perfect summer day starts on the beach and ends on someones roof with my friends, a blanket and some beers!

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