[Feather jacket - Topshop, Pants - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Topshop, Boots - Acne, Clutch - Alexander Mcqueen]

You know the saying that all bad luck comes in threes?
Well, after the boyfriend having swine flu and breaking my laptop I was looking forward to a night out to cheer up one of my best friends, who recently broke up with her long term boyfriend and was feeling down. The night started off well and said friend was having lots of fun until she slipped over on a club dancefloor in her rather high heeled shoes... And broke her ankle.

After a modest three hour wait to be seen in A&E she got morphine and a cast fitted. Oh, what a terrible end to what was meant to be a night to cheer her up! Poor thing.

To end on a lighter note, owning this whole outfit would please me greatly. I need a faux-fur/feather jacket like this gorgeous (and cosy looking) Topshop offering as the weather is getting so, so cold!


  1. huh! sorry to hear about the bad news.
    i feel so bad for your friend too.
    arrggghhh, she broke her ankle because
    of wearing high heels?! huh! lesson learned on wearing high heels.

    good outfit choice. i love the faux fur jacket.

  2. Oh geez....your poor friend, a broken heart and now a broken ankle!
    Maybe you should buy this entire outfit and offer to share it with her in order to cheer her up....I mean that fur vest-it would surely warm anyone's heart, it's freakin amazing!

  3. geez, that sounds horrible! heels are dangerous! ):

  4. wow... love all of this stuffs!

  5. Poor Chloe, however I think I had worse luck - at that charity thing last night, I bought two sets of raffle tickets and one of the prizes was a free party at the bar that it was in. My first strip was 301-5 and when I bought them the girl said are you ok with the next strip after it? So i said yes. The winning number was 306 so we all got dead excited and then the name was read out on the back of the ticket which was michelle.. someone had taken the middle strip and left me with the one after. ANNOYING. I had 311 and upwards. RUBBISH.

    Also I love those boots but am always confused as to why they are more expensive than the wedge ones - you'd think they'd charge more for the ones everyone wants! xxx

  6. Yikes, hope your friend feels better now. And your boyfriend, too.


  7. need allllll those items

    ps just gave you an award on my blog :)


  8. Wow, that is horrible about your friend! I feel so bad for her!
    On a happier note, I agree, that entire outfit would be delightful. It took me a minute to actually notice that the clutch is fixed with rings! That's a genius way to always keep it near! haha, love it!

  9. Ouch that's awful! Hope she's better now...
    This outfit is soooo cool. It rocks!

    Love from Paris

  10. Hello! I just bloghopped over to your blog and I'm loving it :) Urgh your friend must feel terrible though!

  11. What lovely items of clothing! That black coat is stunning and perfect for this time of the year!

  12. Oh no! That sounds terrible :( I hope your friend feels better!

    Love the shoes!


  13. Your poor friend and your poor boyfriend and your poor laptop!!! I hope your friend is ok :(

    I really want a faux fur waistcoat myself.

    Topshop is amazing isn't it?

    Please please follow my new blog. I don't have any followers yet :(


  14. these shoes are amazing. im in love with them.. beautiful...

    Love C.

  15. i love that topshop feather jacket!! ugh its too good

  16. http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/wildandwoodvintage

  17. Nice pics! I love the Topshop feather jacket... And I just LOVE all those gorgeous Alexander McQueen clutches, they're just genious!!


  18. Excellent outfit choices. I'm so sorry to hear about all that bad luck.

  19. Great winter look!! I need that in my wardrobe..