This week I am truely being a bad blogger. I've had no time for the internet since the weekend as I'm in full scale study mode ready for tomorrow afternoon's exam (arggghhh!).
So, jewellery post as promised will be on Friday and all I can offer you today is a piece of chocolate fudge cake, which I ate during a half hour revision break at a local cafe/bar with the boy and a friend this afternoon!




Today I revised for my up-coming exam on Classical Greek comedies.
Wore my favourite bright red, shrunken zippers jacket.And took silly photographs that show the side of my head that somehow never gets in photographs normally, haha.
I normally seem to naturally turn to the right everytime a camera comes near and so the shorter side of my hair is never on show!
Also, this weekend I recieved a beautiful piece of jewelery that the lovely people of Ice.com sent me, and so my next post shall be all about that!



[Images: Foto_decadent]
I love this Vogue Nippon editorial from 2002.
Can you believe that was seven years ago now?
The first and third images are my favourites, and the model, Jeisa Chiminazzo, is so beautiful!

I'm back at university and I'm meant to be getting up early for an all morning revision session in the library with my housemates, but I've accidently got sidetracked from sleeping and am doing a spot of online shopping on Topshop and Urban Outfitters websites.
More fun than sleeping!


The Mighty Reds. [And Cosy Knits]

This big, knitted zip-up is one of my favourite things to wear on a cold, grey day as it gives instant cosiness! Also, this belt was just from Primark, but I love the buckle!
Last night I went to see the football team I support (Liverpool FC) play and it was such a fun night... Well, except for the final score as we only drew 1-1.
Our seats were in a really good place, and I managed to snap some good photos of the team warming up near us, including a few of this beauty; Mr Fernando Torres. Also, I bought my first Liverpool FC scarf outside the ground from a stallholder who's young son was helping out =]. I'm glad I bought it because it started to snow and so being sat outside for two hours meant I was freezing!
I wish I'd worn two pairs of socks!

[Sorry for the slight off topic nature of the 2nd part of this post, I can't help myself!]



The feather actually belongs to a fascinator that my boyfriend bought me last year. I do sometimes wear it on my head as intended, but I really like how it added a little something to an all black outfit yesterday.
However, the wind wasn't too kind to it and ruined a couple of feathers, but it will survive!

My Look

MyLook is a new members only community, giving fashion lovers the chance to communicate with others with a passion for style, share opinions and suggest improvements, by connecting directly with high street store New Look.

I quote:
"By joining in with the discussions not only do you get to have a real effect on the high street, you can also make new friends, chat about fashion, get to know about events and new ad shoots before anyone else. AND there's the possibility of winning goodies by entering exclusive competitions on the site, we even invite members to our VIP next seasons press launches."

As a regular high street shopper and fan of the UK high street, this new community sounds like a very interesting and positive idea (especially as the community has been created in relation to a specific high street store) and I'm certainly going to join up!

Plus, if you would like to join up, just mention She's Dressing Up in your application and you will be accepted straight away. =]
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It's cowboy time.


Shirt from Topshop, everything else from http://www.western-outdoor-wear.com/


Last Night, She Said...

There is something about light up dance floors that make dancing on them so much more fun =]



Lots of buttons and fringed shoulders is always a good thing.
I've owned this jacket for four months but just.. never wore it. I do this all the time with items I really like. Maybe my New Years Resolution should be to start wearing everything I own!


Blood Is The New Black.

My polyvore from the 1st Jan features a tee by the designer Demonbabies from Blood Is The New Black, a fantastic line I've recently come across.

I quote from the "about" section from the website:
Since 2004, Blood is the New Black has sought to:
1. Showcase emerging artists in order to aid their careers in the arts.
2. Introduce you to artists you may not have had the opportunity to know about otherwise.

Well, I certainly like being introduced to artists I didn't know about and there are so many designs that I am now desperate to get my hands on.

Brian Litchenburg

Milano Chow

Brian Litchenburg

Keaton Henson


Shine On

It's not so clear here, but this sweater is all sparkly and it makes me feel very festive... Even if festivities have passed now!



I created this polyvore set a couple of nights ago just before I went to sleep, and then I dreamt I was wearing the outfit.

I'd like this to happen again in future!

HELLO 2009
And Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2009 is good to you as you all most certainly deserve it!