Missoni vs KrispyKreme

I wouldn't say it was particularly "me", but I am really intrigued by the insane layering going on at Missoni for A/W. Masses of long scarves and snoods are never a bad thing for the winter, and I love it all paired with simple leggings.

My housemate had a tea & cake party for her 21st birthday, and all I spent the party doing was taking photoraphs of the various treats spread out. Looking at this photo of donuts makes me SO HUNGRY!
I have just this minute finished an assignment due in, I'm so happy it is done!
Now I just need to change the file name from "SCARY SCARY FUN FUN FUN" to something sensible and then I can email it to my tutor!!

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Armand Basi One.

My favourite collection from the A/W shows so far has to be the Armand Basi One collection, designed by Markus Lupfer. I love the 80s vibe running through the collection, and the mix of shapes; I'm so attracted to both all of the tight skirts and pants as well as the oversized jackets, and of course the simple colour palette makes me happy. And I think it all looks great paired with the brothel creepers!

I've actually been after some creepers for about 6 months, as my housemate has had a great leopard print pair for years (but they're a size too small so I can't borrow them -sad-). I always seem to have a pair in my watching list on ebay, but never actually bid for them... I'm quite a nervous ebayer, haha, but maybe I will finally bid on some soon!



Very belated: My Valentine's evening outfit!
I love this faux-fur coat, but I feel like it is so big around the collar. I sometimes feel silly in it in the daytime, but I loved wearing it for mine and Tom's Valentine's day meal =]!
Plus I allowed my beloved Topshop boots out of the house for the occasion, which only happens about twice a month, haha.

I know its been ages, but I've finally got round to doing the tags that Demi and Syd Vicious Lives tagged me for a while back =].

Demi tagged me with the "Honest Scrap", and I am meant to write 10 honest things about myself... So:
1. I have no idea what I'm going to do after I graduate in June. I'm going to have to make an appointment at the careers office and admit to them that I'm 3 months away from finishing uni and haven't figured out exactly what I want to do yet, nevermind applying for any jobs! Argh!

2. When I'm feeling emotional I can cry at almost anything. Tonight I cried after watching an advert on TV about the speed limit... It did involve a dead child though, so it was deffo worth crying over!

3. Most of what I learn seems to leave my brain after I've used it for the exam I learnt it for etc... I really wish my brain would actually retain info!

4. I'm one of those annoying people who is always saying that they want to lose weight and then doesn't actually have the will power to cut out cakes. Ah well!

5. I am always worried about something or other. In Europe this summer I felt so carefree, and then I got back home and found more things to worry about.

6. I can't speak out in seminars without feeling really sick and worried, I'm really shy around people I don't know very well and am too scared to even go to a uni lecture alone without any of my friends. I really need to gain more confidence =/

7. If I could invent anything it would definitely be something you could watch your dreams on in the morning! Would be so fun.

8. I cannot draw to save my life. Sketches and drawings I did for school art classes when I was younger were remembered and laughed about for years after, haha!

9. I romanticize the future too much and worry that my real future will be much more boring that in my daydreams.

10. I love shopping but hate spending money. I think returning things to the store may be one of my favourite things ever... I deffo have issues!

And Syd Vicious Lives tagged me this:
Describe your personal style
I'm so bad at things like this! I still don't think I have "found" my style as such, I am drawn more towards black and grey all of the time, and I think I like wearing pants more than skirts...Errr, not that that describes my style... I told you I was bad at this!

What's your signature look?
Hmmm. Well, my "off day" outfit always consists of skinny jeans, a striped or slightly oversized black, white or grey tee and black pumps. I feel really comfortable and happy in this combo, and I like that it can be dressed up when needs be with heels and jewellery.

What inspires you?
People in the street, on the web, magazine eds, art, the boy

Favorite purchase of all time.
Ooh, I don't know! I do love the Topshop ankle boots I'm wearing in this post, but I also love about 20 other items, haha.

Biggest splurge?
My Topshop ankle boots. £70, which is ridiculous considering I have no income and I should never have bought them really. I do treasure them though.

What's your beauty routine?
I am so bad, I need to get back into a routine. I usually use some sort of LUSH natural face scrub, but I haven't bought one for ages and have just been using regular, generic "face wash" stuff, and my skin has been shouting at me for it.

What jewelry do you never take off?
I wear a watch all the time, except when in the shower. I used to wear my Leeds festival wristbands constantly, but I finally cut them off after two years a couple of months ago.

What are you wishing for?

What are your obsessions?
Vaseline to use as lipbalm. If I leave the house without a little tub I get very stressed!

Sorry for such a long post guys, and thanks for the taggggs!


Proenza Schouler

I have been so busy this week, mainly doing a photography scavenger hunt competition, which has taken many, many hours off me, but has been lots of fun.

Sadly, this means that I've had hardly any time to get to grips with NY fashion week, apart from the odd flick through style.com before bed.
I must say, though, that I'm loving the use of texture on the amazing dresses at Proenza Schouler!


Boy & Tag.

Since it was Valentines Day on Saturday, I thought I would dedicate a post to my boyfriend Tom. I hardly ever post any photos of him on here, despite the fact he dresses perfectly in my opinion!

Here is what he wore on Valentines Day when we took Alfie for a long walk (hence the red dog lead round his left hand, haha).

Shirt - Run&Fly, Leather Jacket - Vintage, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Vans
Leather Studded Cuff - Topman (Bought by meeee for Valentines Day!)

Here is the tag I got from Niviarsiaq last week. I was going to do all three tags I got recently in one post, but it would be so much text, so I will do them gradually!

a) Four places I go to over and over
- The library - I know it is boring as sin but I'm in my uni library at least four or five days a week getting books out and working on various assignments... However, it is either too hot and you want to fall asleep or its freezing cold, which is equally as distracting. Argggh!
- The city centre - Even if I don't have any money to spend I love wandering round the shops and having a coffee.
- Satans Hollow - Its my favourite club, and I don't go out on nights out as often as in the past few years, but I do often get urges to visit this club all the time!
- Anywhere selling diet coke and cheesecake... Yum.

b) Four people who email me regularly
- University
- Studentbeans.com - just incase any students in the UK aren't aware of this site, it is full of discounts and vouchers for all sorts of places for us students to use!
- Various newsletters and press people
- No one else really... If anyone wants to send me fun emails do so, I hardly get any personal ones these days! =]

c) Four favorite smells
- Fresh bread and cookies... Which is nice during my holiday job in a bakery
- Bonfires, and that smell after someone has blown out the candles on their birthday cake
- I quite like the smell of marker pens, worrying?!
- Vanilla

d) Four places I would rather be right now
- Vancouver [in fact Tom and I are seriously considering maybe trying to move over to Canada for a year to work from September or so... His dad (and soon his mum) live in Vancouver so at least we'd know them!]
- At my family home, where it is very warm and cosy and my mother would make me cups of tea
- In a really nice restaurant... I never say no to a meal out!
- A new and exciting city I've never visited

e) Four TV shows I watch
- LOST - Still the best thing everrrrrrr.
- Greys Anatomy - But I'm so behind, I'm only on the 1st episode of season 2!!!
- Gossip Girl
- Friday Night Lights - I'm only on season 1 of this, but I love it.


In The City.

[Edit @ 11.15am: Happy Valentine's Day those who are celebrating! I'm excited to get dressed up for dinner and a movie (how original haha, but fun none the less) tonight!]

I somehow spent eight hours in the city centre today, eating (reallyyyy good) sushi and shopping... When I arrived home and realised it was 8pm I had no idea where the time had gone!
What to do whilst waiting for your friend to try things on?
Ah yes, take changing-room-mirror photos! Haha =]

Shirt - boyfriend's, leather skirt - second hand, pumps - Urban Outfitters
(should I start giving this info on all my outfits? Hmm)

P.S I bought the zebra print dress you can see in some of the photos, but I may return it as I bought another dress later that I'd prefer to keep =]
P.P.S Thanks to Demi, Niviarsiaq and Syd Vicious Lives for the recent tags! Will do them all in the next post =]!
P.P.P.S Just realised I've done 3 smiley faces in this post... I do apologise. I suppose I just like to convey when I'm smiling!!



I came across these jackets from Givenchy's A/W 2007 collection and I lovelovelove the massive pyramid studs. Especially as they're gold. I much prefer gold to silver, but I don't have any idea why.
Also, I went Ten-Pin Bowling with my housemates and the boyfriend last week and

Now I better finish my uni work and get ready to go see Alkaline Trio tonight, yay!



My boyfriend's labrador, Alfie, has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks while his mum is away, and we've been having loads of fun taking him to the park every day =].
I got a couple of new pairs of glasses last week, which is fantastic since I'd had my old ones for years and years and never got round to picking out new ones. Plus I dyed my hair "auburn" and in certain lights it is so bright, haha!

I'm wearing a pretty casual outfit since we were just out with the dog. This is only the 2nd time I've worn my DIY bleached jeans as they didn't turn out exactly as I'd wanted and they got bad press from my housemates the last time I put them on, haha. But I was feeling in a "don't care" mood when I got up yesterday and so decided that I should throw them on anyway!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Monday now... yuck.
Also, thankyou so much to Janet and Winnie for these Fabulous Blog awards!
I'm going to be really boring and not give them away - I've just tried to think of only a few blogs I'd want to pass them on to, but I read all of your blogs pretty much religiously and so it's too hard!


Tristan Blair.

Shoe Porn Time!

Owning any one of these pairs of Tristan Blair shoes would make my life complete right now.
They're all available for pre-order at the moment from stockists such as Amelie Boutique if anyone has any cash burning a hole in their pocket! I shall just have to sit here and stare at them on the screen.
I'm off out dancing with a friend I haven't seen in ages tonight, I'm pretty excited to get all dressed up and have a few cocktails, yay!


Lets Dance.

It was my housemate's 21st birthday celebrations at one of my favourite clubs at the weekend.
I wore my skull necklace from Paraphernalia on Etsy for the first time, along with this H&M plaid skirt, which I hardly ever wear because it always feels too short, and my leather-look leggings. And I had fun =]


Ice Ice.

I have been so, so busy since my exam, celebrating two friend's 21st birthdays and generally rushing around being late for everything, rubbishhhhh.

I was sent this freshwater pearl and diamond white-gold pendant from Ice.com very recently, and I love it so much. Apart from a couple of pieces bought for me for birthdays and such over the past few years I don't own any special jewelery, and so I'm very happy to own a necklace worthy of a special occasion!

Wiith some big cuts on retail price, Ice.com is the perfect website for buying something special for a loved one (or just to treat yourself!). There are lots of pieces that I'd love to buy my mother if I had the money, and at the moment there is a Valentines Day collection featured... "Accidently" sending the link to the boyfriend may be necessary!