Break Time.

EDIT: I am so busy right now and my boss at work has given me ridiculous shifts (ie finished at 10pm tonight, in at 7am until 5pm tomorrow and Sunday... argh!!!) so hopefully I will find time to do a post over the weekend, but no promises! Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Ruffled top - Primark, Jeans - Topshop, Ankle boots - ebay/vintage, Snakeskin print bag - Topshop, gold chain - H&M, Specs - Missoni
It is my Easter "break" from university for the next three weeks, but it is hardly a break as I have 10,000 words of my dissertation to write, and notes to make on another essay. For some reason I have told my holiday job that I can work the next two weeks as well, which was a great mistake as I am going to have no time to do said 10,000 words.... Dear oh dear!

But moaning won't get things done I suppose, so I best get on with it =]!


Feeling Bue.

I have no idea why, but I hardly ever wear blue. Right now I genuinely cannot think of more than three blue items of clothing, that aren't denim jeans, sitting in my wardobe, and only one of those items I actually wear (a blue bodycon skirt).

So I spent ten minutes on Polyvore and managed to find five blue items that I'd love to own... My no-blue rule must change!

What about everyone else - is there a colour or a type of clothing that you never buy?

Marni slingbacks, Marc Jacobs leather skirt, Comme Des Garcons jacket, Rachel Comey sweater, 3.1 Phillip Lim Belgium bag



My gorgeous friend Lou and I went for a dance on Friday night and it was lots of fun, even if the club was much emptier than usual!

I wore one of my favourite necklaces, from Primark, of all places (it always suprises me when I love things that I've bought there, as I mainly only pop in for basic leggings or plain tees) and a skirt that I haven't worn in literally over a year, but I do love wearing it! I'm not a massive fan of small polka dots as a pattern on clothing, but I love really big ones.

Also, I'm glad there was such a mixed response to the Topshop version of the YSLs, if anyone buys them you must let me know =]!


Cage Me.

Life has become insanely busy.
They really should introduce an extra day into the week.

I am getting ready to go out dancing (it feels like I'm always talking about going out on this blog, but I really don't go out that often!!), so I'm afraid I don't have much for you tonight.
Just some food porn and good old ponder over what we think of Topshop's recreation of the YSL cage-like shoes.
I'm not sure that I'm keen on them, mainly beacuse of the thinner heel, what does everyone else think?

Chocolate & Mandarin Cheesecake with Strawberries.

Happy weekend everyone! =]


First Time.

Two of my closest friends from back home came to visit me at uni this weekend. We ate delicious mexican food, shopped (and me being me I shopped far too hard for my bank account to really allow, oops) and had a good dance.

For pretty much the first time ever I wore something the day that I bought it. I usually save the items I buy for weeks (quite often months) before I wear them. I have no idea why I feel that I can't wear something until it's not "new", it is indeed very strange and I know it, so I felt rather proud ripping the tag off this tunic (which was only £13 from New Look!) and putting it on that evening!


Keep Clear.

I've been busy this week applying for a year long work experience scheme, for which I've had to make a video selling myself.
On our way to find a good place to film a particular part beside one of Manchester's canals, we came across this scary looking warehouse, fully equipped with a mountain of dirty sandbags... There is something childishly fun about standing in front a Keep Clear sign, haha! Not wearing anything special, but I wanted to keep it sensible-ish for my application!
The ring I'm wearing is one of my favourite pieces of jewelery. You can't see it so well, but it appears to be made of some sort of shell, and it shines the most beautiful colours when in the sunlight. I will get a closer photo one day =]

Also, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had been involved in a photography scavenger hunt organised by my university student's union, for charity. Well, I just found out that my group won! Yay. I don't know what we win, but I'm just happy that our hard work pretending we needed books on campanology from the city library, finding men smoking pipes, covering ourselves in tin foil, driving round at 11pm finding streets named after Nobel Prize winners, and buying the best ever office gift (the ceramic Office Gnome of course!) paid off!



Fashionable pairs of men and women make me happy!

Source: Stylesightings


Worst Night Out

... It wasn't really, that's just the name of a song, hehe!
These photos are from a recent night out with my good friend Louisa.

I've been rather lax at taking outfit photos in the last week I'm afraid =[.
My boyfriend has been ill with flu the last few days (luckily I can look after him without worrying about catching it as I've had a flu jab this year, yay) and I can never find the right moment to ask any of my friends to do it.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend... Just five more days until another one! =]


Yes Please.

I will take one of everything please.
Rick Owens shredded cardigan, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti boots, Felder Felder cuff, Sass & Bide tank, Ted Lapidus vintage shades
The cuff comes in white leather too... Mmm. If I had the money I would snap one up!


Time Out.

Went out for yet another friend's 21st birthday on Friday night! It was fun, but I was a little worse for wear by the end of the night, woops!
I wore this tulle skirt from Urban Outfitter's recent sale for the 1st time, and opted for boots with only a little heel for maximum comfort!!