[Dress - H&M, Blazer - Charity Shop, Leggings - Bleached DIY, Necklace - Two chains clasped and layered together]
Edit: Sorry about how awful this last photo is with all my shopping in the background! Will get a better photo of them and pop it in a post soon! =]

I wore this for shopping and lunch at wagamama at the weekend. It was a pretty sucessful day; my food was delicious, and the boy put up with me spending (ahem) 55 minutes in the Topshop sale... Though, in my defence, the changing room queues were ridiculous and took up at least... ten minutes?! Haha

The necklace is made of two chains that I bought from a Topshop jewelery sale a year or so ago. They were down to 50p each, so naturally I bought six (!), but I'm so glad I did as there are so many ways to layer them.
I've even managed to create a body-harness out of them when messing around recently, I might wear it out sometime soon!

The leggings are just an old pair that I attacked with bleach a while back and they came out purpley/red, which was a surprise, but a fun one!
They remind me of some of the astronomical photographs that lots of bloggers have posted recently, hence the title!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely week! =]


Orange You Glad?

These photos were taken yesterday beside a great cafe/bar that the boy and I like to get brunch at every so often, but we'd never noticed this painted wall before!

Jeans, ripped men's tee and boots combo with little jewelery is an outfit that I feel totally comfortable and happy in. I wear this tee so often because it's so easy to throw on, and the fact that its pretty baggy means that you know it will be comfortable all day. I know some people find jeans + t-shirt a really boring outfit, but I feel so happy throwing them on and heading out.

I've mentioned this ring before, but didn't get round to taking a proper photo of it. It is so beautiful; it appears to be made of some sort of shell, and it really reminds me of the sea with all of those greens and blues swirled together. =]


Global Warmth

[Jacket - H&M, Tee - Lefties, Skirt - Primark, Sandals - New Look]
It has been strangely sunny and warm around here for the past week; not that I am complaining about that or anything!

I have an essay due in on Monday that I haven't started, which is not like me at all, but after finally finishing and handing in my mammoth dissertation earlier this week I just can't face opening a Word document..!!! Eeek. Must get down to it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week =]


The Girl Needs Therapy.

[Blazer - Mother's, Tee - Random Mens XS, Skirt - Unknown, Leggings - Primark, Boots - Ebay, Bag - Topshop]

My dissertation is finally finished, bound and ready to be submitted - horrah!
To celebrate this I allowed myself some retail therapy, and theraputic it was indeed. =]
My lovely friend Charl accompanied me, which made it all the more enjoyable as she is someone I really love to shop with.
(Is it really bad that I rate people on how enjoyable it is to spend money with them?!)
Plus it was such a beautiful day... Although I didn't realise that before I left the house, hence the lack of 'summer' in my outfit!


"I Want" Never Gets...

Which is a shame, as I'd really like:

Alexander Wang tank, 3.1 Phillip Lim blazer, Black Acne Jackie tank, F21 earrings, Stella McCartney bandage dress, Acne Jeans Safari Sandals, Topshop Spice Platform

tagged me to tell seven things no one knows about me, even though there isn't much to tell, here goes!
1. I wear contact lenses/ glasses every day and sometimes people ask me if I'm going to get laser eye-corrective surgery, but I'm too scared I will up in in that TIIINY percent for whom it all goes wrong and I end up blind.
2. I have worked at my holiday job part time for four years now and I'm STILL too self concious to sit in the busy staff canteen when none of my workfriends are in there.
3. Every single day I say "this won't be good for my diet" and eat some more crap. I don't think the diet will ever start, but fingers crossed..!
4. I love to fall asleep in the shower/bath, but its hard to wake up again afterwards.
5. I love people with stretched earlobes, and I have them myself, but just to 6mm wide (no further so I can hopefully shrink back to normal ear-pierced size when I decide I don't want them anymore)
6. I'd love to have a crazy, spontaneous life where I travel whereever I want and make all sorts of friends along the way
7. But at the same time I'd love to settle down in a city I love, furnish an amazing apartment, open a boutique and learn to bake properly.

And I tag you ALL, even if you just write one thing and not seven. Because I want to learn something new about everyone!


Silver Details.

Dress - second hand, Striped longsleeved top - Primark, Jeans - H&M, Boots - Ebay, Bag - Topshop, Headband - Unknown.

I wore this to a dinner party at a friend's house, where we ate delicious quorn chicken fajitas, yum yum!
I'm still battling through my dissertation, about to start re-reading everything I've written in order to edit out bits I don't need and just generally make it... better!
I sort of forgot Lookbook existed for a few months, and I've never really used it properly, but I vow to start going on it more and becoming "fans" of people and hyping looks left, right and centre, because there really is lots of great inspirational outfits posted on there. If you have a Lookbook account, do add me so I can check out all of your accounts!!
The same with Twitter!

Oh and... HAPPY EASTER! =]


Arm Out.

I wore this to have lunch at a local restaurant a few days ago.
I know it's a pretty simple outfit but I was just excited to bare my arms; I think this was the first time I've walked down the street with no cardigan or jacket on for about seven months!
However, today was pretty grey and rainy, so... Good things never last..!

Also, if I actually had some money to spend, I'd like this Alexander Mcqueen cuff!


White Light

I want to be friends with this lot from dropsnap.jp. They all have great shoes!On a shoe note, I've never really liked espadrilles before, never mind white ones, but for some reason I am really, really coveting both of these sandals from Topshop.
I think I'm desperate for Summer to come!


Red Dress.

I managed to squeeze in a dance with some friends last Thursday night, but no more socialising until I get another 5000 words written!
I obviously shop at Primark more than I thought, or at least I used to. The heeled brogues and tribal print leggings are both year-old purchases from there, and this red dress is about six years old so goodness knows where I bought it from! It is one of those items that sits in my wardrobe dormant most of the time, but is then thrown on on a whim once a year.

Today I am going out for Sunday lunch with my mam and my grandma and attempting to not get distracted from my dissertation by the internet.
And on that note I must leave the naughty internet behind and type, type, type =]!