Time & Lack Of It.

[Topshop silk biker-style vest, leopard print scarf as headband, H&M tee...]

Aaah, it feels like I haven't blogged/ looked at a blog for about a thousand years! A week seems an insanely long time in blog land, doesn't it?

There is some sort of crazy heat-wave going on here at the moment, which, according to the weather forecasts is set to last until Wednesday. Yesterday was 22 degrees Celsius, which for Manchester in May is HOT!
The above photo was taken pre-heatwave - since Friday I've been wearing shorts/ vests and summer dresses. I have a sneaky feeling that this may be a sign that the rest of summer is going to be cold and wet. Fingers crossed I'm wrong!

Last exam of uni ever = Friday. Eeeek! Five days to go!




Instead of revising I'm idly browsing the internet, nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

This photo from Jak&Jill is pretty fantastic though; lots of DIY inspiration in this outfit!


Shoesies From Solestruck.

A month or so ago Danielle from Solestruck.com kindly asked if I would like to pick out some shoes from their website that they would send to me. They arrived at my parent's house about three weeks ago but this week was the first chance I've had to go home and pick them up.

When I was first emailed about the offer, I browsed other blogs to see what types of shoe other bloggers had chosen, and the majority seemed to have picked exciting heeled shoes.
Whilst I was browsing the selection of shoes I actually found myself looking soley at high heels and wedges, until I realised that I'm just not someone that can confidently wear heels on a day to day basis. I probably pop them on a few times a week for meals out or nights out dancing, but as for daytime wear I almost always opt for the safety of flats and boots. (This is something I'd like to change, and every day I think to myself "maybe I will wear heels tomorrow day time"... But I rarely take myself up on the offer, tut)

So, I put my mind into sensible mode (difficult) and decided to choose a boot that I would get lots of wear out of. And so I decided on the Jeffrey Campbell 'Kent' in black.

They're a buttery soft leather cuffed brogue-style lace up/ ankle boot combo, and they fit like a dream. I just love being able to either slip them on as a simple laced boot, or turning down the part that makes it into a boot to reveal the silver metallic fabric inside and transforming the shoe into a cuffed lace up flat!

Shoes that can be worn in two ways may possibly be the best thing ever!
Thanks Soletruck!

P.S Exam season = very, very sporadic posting and overall crap blogger.


Hip Hip.

Did a spot of dancing with my friend Louisa last week. Was lots of fun! I found this dress in H&M earlier in the day, and for the first time pretty much ever I wore it the evening I bought it; horrah! I probably shouldn't be proud of actually wearing something I bought, as that is essentially what one is meant to do with the clothes they purchase, but I am..!

Did anyone else apart from my awfully sad self watch The Eurovision Song contest last night? I want to go in one of those crazy tanks of water they had suspended above the crowds during the voting time! Looked exciting! It was nice to see the UK get a decent result as well, especially with the whole politcal voting fiasco that normally happens!

I'm revising and listening to old, awful boybands on Spotify, before LOST comes on at 9pm... What an exciting life I lead haha!
Have a beautiful Monday everybody =]!

P.S If you've ever asked for a link swap and it seems like I've ignored it, please ask again because it will just be because I'm silly and have forgotten to add you!



I am imagining that I am wearing the above and it's a pretty fun thought!

I've not been the best blogger recently. I'm knee-deep in revision, plus I've been spending most of my time at my boyfriend's house, and he doesn't have the internet at the moment. Then there's the problem of my laptop being nasty and crashing every time I try to start a big comment sesh on all of your blogs, argh!

I will leave you with a photo of the amazing sunset as seen from the end of my road two nights ago. The sky was such an amazing colour, even much brighter than the photo suggests!


Skull Candy.

[Sweater - Illustrated People, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Ebay. Boy - Jeans Urban Outfitters, Sneakers - Converse. Dog - Lovely silky fur =]]

I've had this amazing sweater for over six months and never got round to wearing it (no idea how) until yesterday, tut tut me. I love the mermaids resting in the eye sockets of the skull... And it's so comfy and just the right amount of bagginess.

Tom's labrador is staying with us again this week, yay! Alfie is the friendliest, cutest dog ever (though maybe I'm slightly biased..!) We are ordering in take away pizza this evening and I've persuaded the boy to watch a rom-com (though I must admit I enjoy his choice of movies much more than my own most of the time; everyone must watch Eastern Promises if you haven't already!)

I'm sure Alfie dog will enjoy eating all the left over pizza! =]
I hope you all have lovely Sunday evenings!



[Skirt - Topshop, Jacket - H&M, Necklace - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Primark, Tights - Topshop]
I'm glad that lots of you enjoyed the flower and shoe porn in the last post!!

I haven't worn coloured tights in AGES, despite having a drawer full of them, so I brought out this mustard yellow pair a few days ago, and it felt really strange having coloured legs...

This owl necklace used to be one of my favourites, and it was made up of different segments linked together that created the owl's body, but it broke a while ago. I found it again and couldn't fix the segments back together, so I decided just to wear the head as so not to leave it sat in the bottom of my jewellery box for another few years!


Shoe Porn, Flower Porn.

Firstly, Some Acne shoe porn.
And secondly, some flower porn (I'm not sure flower porn really exists... But it should, they're so pretty)! My boyfriend took this photo of some of the lovely pink blossom that is both living in trees and floating across the street in the breeze this time of year... Ahh =]

I'm going to an old housemate's 21st tomorrow night and I want to have a proper "getting ready" evening before hand. I'm the sort of person who is always guilty of leaving getting ready for a night out to the last possible moment, and having to rush around as so not to be late (and normally I'm still late anyway).

So tomorrow I swear that I'm going to leave myself at least an hour and a half for outfit choosing, having a couple of pre-night out drinks and listening to loud music whilst putting on make-up, because getting ready properly is half the fun, right?

Have a good weekend all you lovelies!