Lazy Afternoons

An afternoon of tasty lunches and cold cider beside the canal made yesterday rather pleasant... Although I did manage to get myself slightly sunburnt, naughty me.

I get my degree result today; TERRIFIED!

Edit: I got a 2:1 (Upper 2nd class), which is what I was hoping for, yay =]
I hope everyone else getting degree/ exam results does well!


(And We Had) Fun Fun Fun

This Vlada Roslyakova editorial from Numero Tokyo's July issue is so fun and kind of reminds me of how one is able to wear whatever they want as a child and completely get away with it. Arm warmers, creepers and sequined bag? OK then! Buttoned visor and winged sneakers? Sure!...
It almost makes me want to throw everything in my wardrobe onto the floor and make crazy combinations out of it all. That or buy a brightly coloured heart-shaped pants & jacket combo... Hmm!

I love the Jeremy Scott rose printed cut-off leggings in the first image, everything about the third image (who can resist those Balmain jeans, seriously?!) and the sword-shaped single earring in the last two. Oh and the gorgeous purple colour of the creepers in the 1st and last images!

[Images from http://www.fashionising.com]



[Jeans - Topshop, Sandals - one of Primark's rare shoe gems (but they did dye my feet black), oversized mens tee - no idea, Swallow necklace - a gift]

I got my "every two and a half months or so" haircut this week and now it is extra short on the right hand side. I love having short hair, especially the fact that once its washed and dried all it needs is a little styling clay and no more fuss. I'm always terrified I've left straighteners on and the house will burn down so not having hair long enough to really need them is always a bonus!
It feels really strange seeing old posts on here when I had longer hair, I feel like I look really young in them!

Any True Blood fans out there? I just watched the 1st episode of season 2 and am rather excited for the rest of it! More Eric please!


Statement Butterflies.

Went out for the obligatory Friday night dance with Louisa this weekend. I wore this neck piece for the first time (another item I seem to have horded for about 6 months without ever wearing) and I'm glad I popped its leaving-the-house cherry!

It is by far the biggest necklace I own and is certainly one of the most "statement" pieces of jewelery in my collection. Despite its size, and possibly because of the butterflies adorning it, I felt like it added a very feminine touch to my simple outfit (I wore skinny satin-look pants with the tank), which I wasn't expecting from such a hefty piece! I'm very glad I finally got round to wearing it!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! =]


Videogame Nation.

I finally have a fully functioning laptop, yay!

Yesterday the boy and I went to an exhibition called Videogame Nation about the rise of videogaming from its origins to the multi-billion pound industry it is today. It was full of old games to try out (my favourite being Temptest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar) and was very interesting - both for the boy, who couldn't live without his Xbox 360, and for myself, who, in all honestly, only really knows what the boy tells me about gaming.
Anyone in Manchester should get themselves down to the Urbis and go play!

[I wore white cut-out shoulders tee from Topshop, black skinny jeans also from Topshop, unknown silver necklace as bracelet, snakeprint tote and my Jeffrey Campbell Kent boots]


Long Time

Ahhhhhh! My exams are over and I am officially in student --> work limbo with no firm idea of what I "want to be when I grow up", eek!

During my last exam on Friday the perfect weather turned to thunderstorm and has been grey, cold and rainy ever since - oh England, how silly you are! Plus, my laptop battery adapter cable has died and so I've had no laptop to blog from, boo. I have popped home to my parents house for a couple of days and so I am able to use the internet and do a bit of blogging; horrah!
Hopefully I will get a new power cable by Wednesday so blogging can commence at a regular rate =]

Anyway, to the main point of my post;
Sydney designer Sarah of Es-Trella contacted me last week with her Winter 09 lookbook. I was in a rush to leave the house, but I quickly opened the PDF file for a mega-quick browse... And ended up late to meet the boyfriend, getting a bit distracted by how much I love her pieces!

[You can see the rest of the collection at http://es-trella.com/]