Night Drive

I took this photo back in January and it seems relevant for two reasons.
  1. It feels like my life is speeding past in a blur right now. How is it almost August already?! I'm STILL in crap-blogger mode. Every day I seriously think "maybe I will get time to devote to blogging and commenting today", and then suddenly its midnight or something! I need some sort of device that will slow time down to a reasonable pace...
  2. I had my first driving lesson today (only four years after I could have legally started haha) and it was lots of fun, in a completely scary way. I managed to drive about 30 meters whilst feeling only mild panic, which is better than I expected (haaa), and I'm very excited for my next lesson already.


I Feel Like Dancing...

I took part in some cocktailing, dancing, laughing and good old fashioned posing with the girls last night!

I love this dress; I know it is one of a million blatent AA rip offs, but it was only £6 in a sale at high street store Internacionale! A bargain indeed! I wouldn't normally shop there, but one has opened up in my town and so I popped in for a look and was happily suprised. The belt is just from Primark, and the faux-suede bootie heels are from Peacocks... Oh and finally, here is my new darker hair!

Bedtime now; have a ten hour shift to do at work tomorrow, and then the gym beckons - I haven't been for two days and I feel extra guilty.

American readers - don't forget to enter the Wildfox Couture giveaway in the post below! =]



Hi everyone! I know I'm still being an awful blogger this summer (I think someone might be stealing the hours from my day without me knowing). but whilst I get back on track I have a fantastic giveaway for any American readers out there!

I've teamed up with the lovely people at chickdowntown.com to give away this gorgeous pink "Love Potion #9" tee by Wildfox Couture. A perfect summer essential that can be dressed up or down as you please, you would be mad not to enter! After you've entered, head on over to chickdowntown.com for a browse/ purchase and don't forget to check out their twitter and facebook page!
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  • To enter leave a comment here telling me HOW YOU WOULD SPEND YOUR PERFECT SUMMER DAY.
  • PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. [I forgot to put this in the rules originally so commenters up to commenter SEVEN will be entered anyway and if you win I shall hunt you down, but everyone please give me a way to contact you =] thanks]
  • When the contest ends I will pick a winner at random out of all elegible applicants and notify Chickdowntown so that they can send out your tee.
  • Sorry to my fellow Europeans, and everyone else from around the globe, but the giveaway is ONLY OPEN TO THOSE OF YOU INSIDE THE U.S.

    Good luck everyone; I'm excited to find out what your perfect summer day would be!

    P.S When you head over to chickdowntown.com make sure you check out Sir Alistair Rai. The Aloo-Chaat jumper pants that are on sale are almost as amazing as the tee in this giveaway!


Late Nights

Late night dog walks are fun.
I know some people think its boring, but sometimes all I want to do is just throw on a great t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The boyf gave me this tee on our first Christmas together, in 2005, and it is still one of my all time favourites. Then again, I just love skulls so anything with an good image of a skull on goes well up the list in my book! Also, the fringed necklace is from Miss Selfridge, it was £3 in the jewellery sale! I always love a bargain...

The next post, which hopefully won't be a whole week away as seems to be happening on here lately, will be up to date (ie my hair colour on the photos will be the same as it now is in real life haha). Plus I will be doing a rather exciting give-away next week, so check back soon for details of the prize and how to enter! =]


And Do It Again

Photos from my graduation =]
It was quite fun and I'm glad I went. I wore my favourite flat sandals that I got from Kurt Geiger a year or so ago, which are such a gorgeous purple, and a floral Zara dress, again bought a year ago (for a cousin's wedding). Some girls were wearing incredibly high heels and there were even miniskirts on show... It seemed a little inappropriate for a formal graduation ceremony! I would have been too worried about tripping as I walked on stage to get handed my degree!

The family and my boyfriend took me for a lovely meal afterwards, and some food porn in the form of a dessert trio of blueberry cheesecake, lemon torte and chocolate torte with lemon sorbet had to be snapped! Yum.

Oh and thanks for the positive comments in reply to my short crisis of confidence with my hair, I dyed it dark brown yesterday and I love it even more now! Photos of that in two posts time I think, I'm slightly behind with posts at the moment =]!



[Leather Skirt: Balmain, Pocket Tang: A. Wang, Boots: A. Wang, Bear Necklace: Comme Des Garcons]

I graduate tomorrow! Very, very nervous for the whole walking-on-stage-and-having-name-called-out-whilst-wearing-hat-and-gown thing. Arrrgghhh. But my parents have booked a table at a lovely restaurant for afterwards, and food makes most things better..!

Also, a guy at work saw me without my hat on today (I work in a bakery so wear a hideous mesh trilby) and was like "why did you cut your hair off??", basically insinuating that it looked awful and short hair on a woman could do nothing but make them look ugly!

It is such a ridiculous point of view, but it makes me wonder if other men/women might think I look unfeminine when they see I have short hair?
Hmmm. I personally love having short hair, and love seeing other young women with great short haircuts, but sometimes in certain nightclubs, for example, where many woman are wearing long hair extensions and have glamourous long, curly hair etc I do feel slightly self concious that there aren't any other short haired girls around me. =/

However, this co-worker in question also bragged about his use of sunbeds and moisturiser and appears to think of himself as a"lady's man" (haaa), so his opinion on my haircut does not particularly matter, haha!

P.S Comments tomorrow promise promise promise. I feel bad doing a post when I've not returned comments yet!



I'm back home after a stressful few days moving out of my student house in Manchester (and helping the boyo to move out of his veryyy dirty flat) and am back at work at my "holiday" job, whilst I try to decide as fast as possible what I want to "be when I grow up", so I can start applying for jobs/ courses. Arggghh, too hard!

Had a last night out in Manchester last week, which was fun. My friends all wore floral themed outfits (though not purposely matched!) but I decided to wear one of my favourite dresses, this two or three year old yellow tunic with patchwork detail around the neck. I LOVE yellow. I may have to do a yellow celebration post soon, it's such a cheerful colour.
You can't see them too well in my photo but my multi-strap shoes are from Peacocks and were very surprisingly comfortable! You know the night has gone well when you're able to walk all the way home without removing your shoes... haha. =]

(Edit: Started to return comments tonight as Ive not had time to look at any of your blogs for days and days and I'm just so shattered I'm going to have to go to sleep ready for my 7am start at work =[. I promise to get back on track soon when I find time for myself to have a big internet session!!)