Reservoir Dog

It was Alfie's (Tom's dog) tenth birthday last week and so we took him on a proper Dog-birthday dayout; a walk around a gorgeous reservoir and forest in the village of Rivington. He had a good swim (or a doggy paddle har) and generally enjoyed his birthday loads... I assume! He was certainly sad when we put him back in the car to leave!

[Cheap Monday tank via Ebay, DIY cutoff shorts, various necklaces, New Look fringe bag, Primark sunglasses]


Splashing Cash.

If someone gave me £1000 right now and said "buy anything", I may accidently buy these swarovski embellished beauties by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Sadly no one is giving me £1000, and all I am allowed to buy at the moment is some jumpers, leggings and new wellington boots because I've spent £200 on a Leeds festival ticket in a last minute decision to spend the upcoming August bank holiday weekend drunk and sleeping in a tent. Always fun.
I suppose the Giuseppe Zanotti's can wait ;)!


On Any Given Weekday...

True laziness is screen-capping something you like and saving it without cropping out the rest of the screen. And then posting it on your blog...

I love these images of the Today I Am Strong storemade collection by Nicole Walker & Emille Chicaez at Swedish store Weekday. The long black and grey coats with those satisfyingly heavy looking folds are amazing! Check out http://www.weekday.se/ for more great shots, because my lazy screen-capping does them rather limited justice, if any at all!

I've only just realised it but my screencaps have a full on Swedish theme to them as I was also googling one of Sweden's finest specimens, Alexander Skarsgard, whilst on this website haha! Maybe I should have screen-capped him for everyone instead?!


The Winner Takes It All.

Well, she certainly takes a Wildfox Couture t-shirt!
So, after a week of blog neglect (this will end I PROMISE) I finally picked the winner of my contest with Chickdowntown.com. I wrote the names of all the entrants down on paper, cut them out, folded them and popped them into a bowl before picking one at random.
And the winner is.... Marie-Louise! =] I will email you tomorrow morning for contact details.

Here is a truly awful video of me holding a camera whilst trying to pick a piece of paper out of the bowl to see who was the winner, and (as my brother told me) "sounding really stupid". I do have a habit of doing that, but oh well; this is the best I can do and it just took 20 mins to upload on my rubbish wireless connection so I may as well post it!

I managed the obligatory night out with the girls on Thursday, but it may have to be my last for a week or so as I have a two hour driving lesson next Friday afternoon and the risk of hangover is far too great!

[H&M highwaisted shorts & pocket tank, American Apparel tube bra, Topshop leggings, Vintage pumps, Primark 'blonde hair' headband]

Also, I've been wanting to change my layout for a while but my HTML skills have gone downhill significantly since I was 15 and seemed to have some knowledge. I now have none. In an ideal world my contenty bit would be a lot wider... Hohum. Maybe I will just change to a completely different and more plain template, but I'd like to keep some leopard print around somewhere on it... Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated before I wreck this place!