Black & Gold

[Alexander Wang stud print dress, Twenty8Twelve leather jacket, Burberry Prorsum platform pumps, Diesel disc cuff]

I fell asleep in the middle of Polyvoring this last night, thats how tired I seem to be all the time! Madness. I'm so excited for the weekend; I'm going down to London with some friends to visit our friend at university there. I'm clearly going to pack far too many clothes/ shoes for the four day trip, travelling light isn't really my speciality... =]



To celebrate my moving into the boy's house we invited over some friends and had a rather fantastic & amusing night! This dress is one of my ultimate favourites, yet I only bought it from Primark in a sale about a year ago for something like £6! I am rather partial to some good leopard print.


Yes Please, Julien

Julien Macdonald S/S '10
[Photos: Style.com]

I'll take all of the dresses and that paint splattered jacket, please sir!


Lost in the desert.

Have you ever had one of those days where you leave the house in completely weather inappropriate clothing?

I woke up one morning recently to my phone ringing. I answered and the boy said cheerfully "Pick you up in ten minutes!". I leapt out of bed, glanced out of my window and noticed that it looked quite cold and cloudy outside, so put on jeans, high-top sneakers and a black sweater before leaving the house...
Between my leaving the house and arrival at our destination I realised it was hot, sunny and that we were going to the sand-dunes and beach!!? I just about coped, but it was rather hot! I like how the photos look like I've gotten lost in the desert.

Also, the lovely people at mynamenecklace.co.uk sent me this gorgeous necklace ages ago, and I've worn it loads but never got round to getting a photo of it. I used to think name necklaces looked a bit tacky, but this one is so delicate and pretty; I love it!
You can get one hereLink - I think they'd make a lovely and very personal gift for a friend's birthday too!



[Shirt -Joy, Jeans - Topshop, Leopard print pumps - Vintage]

Send me to fashion hell; I wore black and brown together this week! I bought this shirt for £5 in a sale at JOY (which has shut down now, another victim of the recession) last year and I love the piping, and the way the sleeves pouf out at the elbows =]. I wore it for a cinema date with the boy (Go see District 9 everyone!). I hadn't noticed how grey the sky & lake (which you have to cross to get to the cinema) look together until now, haha.

I have just moved into the boy's house for a few months. His dad moved to Vancouver two years ago on a professorship at Simon Fraser uni, and his Mam has gone to join him over there on a part-time professorship (I'm so jealous of them, I love Vancouver!). They will be back for a few months at Christmas, but until then I have moved in to keep him and Alfie dog company =]. We had a "house warming" party last night, which was lots of fun!
P.S My flickr account was full so I moved to Photobucket and I'm rather liking the image sizes!


Boots, Glorious Boots.

Dear Kurt Geiger,

I am in love with the Solea Samira and the Solea Saddle boots. In LOVE with. However, I notice that they are £250 and £230 respectively and I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to lower the price to £50 (or less...), as that is all I can afford right now.

Thanks for your co-operation!

Nic x
Haha, a girl can dream can't she?!
I'm in full on boot loving mode at the moment (waiting for Autumn to spring itself upon us in a torrent of rail and golden leaves at some point in the next three weeks or so) and there are so many amazing pairs of practical, yet porn-worthy boots around at the moment. The frills on the Samira boots are to die for, and I don't usually use that phrase!
So, if you can afford the price tag please buy some and wear them for me =]!



I felt slightly better on the Sunday at Leeds festival so decided to celebrate by throwing on a t-shirt dress that I bought at Topshop a couple of months ago but had (as usual) not worn yet. I've been really excited about finally wearing it as adorning the tee is one of my favourite images; that of a skull.

I seem to gravitate towards clothes and accessories that feature skulls and other macabre images. My two favourite necklaces have been ones I bought from the etsy store Paraphernalia, one of which is an anatomically correct heart (though sadly this broke a few months back through so much wear) and the other a black and white skull.

Back when I was seventeen I owned the ultimate pair of socks: black with big white skulls all over, that I wore with little red pumps. The boyfriend commented on liking them before we started dating... I'm pretty sure he stole them soon after and I've not seen them for years haha.

But to get to the point I have an inexplicable love for skull images. And therefore a love for this tee dress! More skulls please!



It has been too long. I know. But this weekend was Leeds Festival, and before that I was running around like an actual, real life, mad woman trying to sort things out...

So, Leeds Fest!
It was loads of fun, except for the fact that on the second day I managed to catch either food poisoning or a stomach bug.
Being in the middle of 200,000 people having the time of their lives at midnight in a field whilst unable to even sip water without throwing up and spending half of your festival experience sleeping in a freezing cold, uncomfortable tent isn't the most enjoyable experience.

I still managed to have lots of fun though =].

More photos to come in the next post =]!