Fourth Year

It was mine and my boyfriend's anniversary yesterday. Four years since we started going out; madness!
We had an absolutely amazing sushi meal at a restaurant in town (where we spotted Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard also enjoying his sushi). We could have sat at a table, but we decided to sit at the sushi bar so we could watch the chef's working their magic (it also meant we could have a bit of in-put into how spicy our miso soup was haha)! Delicious =]

I wore my new(ish) sequinned waistcoat from H&M; I love the shape of it! Suddenly everything sequined has been catching my eye and luring me to hand over my debit card... Eek! Luckily I have resisted apart from this waistcoat so far, but I'm sure it won't be long before my poor debit card is being abused for the sake of owning more sequins!

P.S I am going on holiday to Dubai with my family on Monday morning for a week (excited doesn't even begin to cover it - I'm even excited for being at the airport for some reason). There is a computer in our apartment so I will most likely upload some photos and do a post mid week =]


Candyman, Candyman...

Dress - New Look
Cut-out tee - Weekday
Red suede shoes - Office
"Fox-fur" collar sweater - Weekday
Velvet, glittered body -Topshop
Pink Mongolian wool bag - Topshop

I guess if I stand infront of a mirror on halloween and say the name of each of these items three times they will appear behind me... Or have I been watching too many straight-to-DVD horror movies?!


Boots Of Love

[Boots - River Island, Fringed tee - H&M, Blazer - Vintage, Jeans - Topshop, Bag - Topshop]

OK, don't tell my mother but I may have made my yearly "very sensible(!), leather boot" purchase a month ago. And spent the entire month return limit deciding whether to keep them or not (this happens a lot to me, thank goodness for generous return policies). And then decided to keep them in a rare fit of decision making. Oops.
I do love them though. The black metal buckles, the pointed toe.... I'm sure to wear them so often that they pretty much pay for themselves!
I hope everyone is having a lovely week. The boy and I are off to the cinema to see Up in 3D tonight, yay!


Electric Blue

[Faux-suede dress H&M, Heels - Peacocks, Necklaces - Primark, Cuff - Shop in Madrid]
The party photos themselves aren't so fantastic (may have lost my ability to take decent shots as the drinks flowed) but here is what I wore for the "big night out" when I was down in London. Ahhh, my friend lives in such a great part of London; her bedroom window looks into Regents Park. I'm so jealous!


London Town.

Back from my trip to London with a terrible cold; boo! It was a fun (and rather eventful) few days of sneaking in places through the fire exit, dancing, shopping, acting like tourists, nursing hangovers, taking photos, eating incredibly unhealthy food and loads of hilarious in-jokes that will be laughed over for years to come.

Party outfit photos to come, for now here is what I wore on our long walk around the "tourist" attractions (I've been down to the capital at least once a year for the past four and this is the first time we found time to see some sights I haven't seen for years). This photo is taken in Trafalgar Sqaure. =]