Knitted Out

[Cardigan - Primark, knit jumper-dress - H&M, Jeans - Topshop, Necklace - Primark]

Went out for dinner with the boyfriend tonight, yum yum.
Our internet only works for about twelve minutes a day at the moment, which is particularly annoying as I pretty much only get as far as checking my emails before "the oage cannot be displayed". Therefore I am going to keep this very short and get it posted before the internet defies me yet again!

This draped cardigan is just the most comfortable and easy to wear piece of clothing I own at the moment. I especially like its lack of buttons, as I appear to be fantastic at losing one button from every button-up cardigan I own. Primark is actually not so bad for cardigans, as long as you aren't too bothered about the quality of your winter warmers. In other highstreet stores like Topshop and H&M I am usually too distracted by glitter and sequins to focus on knitwear; I'm actually suprised I was sensible enough to buy this lovely H&M jumper-dress earlier this year!

P.S I'm working on a new title image for the top of the page, hence why it is pretty plain right now. Bear with me on this!



[Feather jacket - Topshop, Pants - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Topshop, Boots - Acne, Clutch - Alexander Mcqueen]

You know the saying that all bad luck comes in threes?
Well, after the boyfriend having swine flu and breaking my laptop I was looking forward to a night out to cheer up one of my best friends, who recently broke up with her long term boyfriend and was feeling down. The night started off well and said friend was having lots of fun until she slipped over on a club dancefloor in her rather high heeled shoes... And broke her ankle.

After a modest three hour wait to be seen in A&E she got morphine and a cast fitted. Oh, what a terrible end to what was meant to be a night to cheer her up! Poor thing.

To end on a lighter note, owning this whole outfit would please me greatly. I need a faux-fur/feather jacket like this gorgeous (and cosy looking) Topshop offering as the weather is getting so, so cold!


Tick Tock

I haven't been online for so long, it's terrible!
Last week the boy got Swine Flu and I've been having to look after him (he's lucky we live together so I can nurse him 24/7 haha), thank goodness haven't caught it myself! Then I knocked my laptop off a table and onto a wooden floor... I'm pretty gutted, especially with the thought of paying someone to attempt to fix it! Or worse - it being unfixable... Eeek!
I wore this to walk Alfie dog round the park yesterday. I didn't realise until I left the house, but both the tie-dye jeans and elephant print sweater are from Forever 21, which I got to visit for the first time in Dubai. I wish we had it in the UK.

Fingers crossed my boyfriend gets better soon... And so does my laptop!


Dubai Nights

It's been so loooong!
Im back from Dubai; back to the lovely British weather, including some torrential rain. How unfair life feels sometimes!
I had such a fantastic time, Dubai is such an amazing place - it was the perfect mix of "sun & sea" with gorgeous beaches, and cosmopolitan city lifestyle with the insanely big malls and skyscrapers (Dubai is home to both the world's largest shopping mall and the world's tallest building). I definitely hope to go back one day!

Right, I better start catching up everybody's posts I've missed now or I will be online all night!