Yes (Please) Master

I have a never ending head cold and four 5am wake-up calls this week. Not fun! So to cheer us all (read: me) up, lets look at some gorgeous lingerie!
Now, I must admit that I'm not very good at parting with lots of money for underwear. However, I am on a bit of a self imposed shopping ban at the moment, in order to save up for Summer fun and so I have been thinking less about frivilous spending on yet another item of clothing I don't need, and more about the little things (like underwear) that can make you just as happy, and will most likely get more wear than another pair of black heels.

Yes Master lingerie exhibited their new collection at Somerset House, and they were one of the designers at the exhibition that really caught my eye, probably because beforehand I hadn't realised I could enjoy browsing lingerie as much as dresses and shoes!
Obviously these pieces aren't necessarily for everyday wear, and some pieces are strictly burlesque (the amazing green feathered pants for example), but wearing something like the skull & cross bones bra/pants set underneath one's work uniform on an awful, long day at work would make everything right with the world!


  1. beautiful underwear! I always feel that buying pretty underwear is so much more satisfying that outerwear...just because only you know that youre wearing something so nice uder you normal everyday clothes:)

  2. The last one looks so fun! I love those skull panties :P


  3. ive never see nfeathers on lingerie before im so into it

  4. Oooo I love the skully ones, and if they made the feathered ones in a lighter limey green you could have totally bought them for work as a change from your black pants - sensible purchase or what?! Haha how is the shopping ban going? AND when are your days off next week? xxx

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  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the last sentence of your post! :)

    Do they come in other colors?

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