Beat Down

Still no new laptop of my own, but... am leaning towards a Dell Inspiron 1545. Does anyone own a Dell Inspiron? I need honest reviews about it before I take the plunge and buy it! /Edit: Also thinking about a Sony Vaio if anyone has one?!
Edit: Bought the Sony Vaio today! =]

Last weekend one of my best friends down in London helped host a charity ball/party in aid of Mind (a mental health charity) so I went down to support her & the cause. It was a really fun night, although champagne + a chocolate fountain + light coloured dress = bad.

I'd like to point out that in the first photo I was dancing & not "beating someone down", ha.
You can't see it too well but I'm loving the nail colour I was wearing; it is Flamingo Pink by Barry M and I think I will probably be wearing it all Summer =]

Also, does anyone watch the Vampire Diaries? What did you think of the finale?? I don't know how I'm going to last until September for the second season (and hopefully more Damon/Elena)!


  1. love your dress and shoes! <3

  2. All I know about Dell computers is that they die after about a year. This is from multiple experiences. Honestly, I would not buy a Dell laptop if I could help it, but a computer-y friend tells me they're one of the best brands (better than HP when it comes to laptops), so maybe you could do worse. If you're willing to spend the extra money, I would more than recommend a MacBook. Ever since I got mine I can't believe I ever used a PC, haha, and I used to hate snobby Mac users. So if you can spend around $900 for a computer, go Mac. You won't go back. ;)

  3. Your shoes look gorgeous !


    XOXO, C.

  4. Meg - I wish I could afford a Macbook, my boyfriend used to have one (it got stolen :() & I stole it constantly!

  5. love the outfit, i like the neutral colour. i dont watch vampire diaries as i thought it would be like twilight, which i read however some of my friends do watch it and they love stephan salvatore, who is pretty hot. lol :)

  6. Sophie-Nicole - Nooo, its better than Twilight! Watch it =]

  7. i really adore your dress.
    it looks cute on you and i absolutely love your blog too.
    yhx for your advice and comment on my blog.

    lots of loves,

  8. I have a Sony Vaio and it's been great, had it six years and it's only really started to slow up over the last six months so I'm upgrading to....a Dell Inspiron! I've heard Dell are the best, their cover is really highly rated, plus my family all have one. Plus I can get one in RED. Sold. But I'll miss my Vaio. It really is great.

  9. I used to have a Dell inspiron before i switched to Mac. It's the worst computer ever - DON'T DO IT!!! I also have a friend who has it who also has had crazy problems with it from the beginning! I'm telling you, get a Mac, it will change your life!


  10. Haha everyone must stop tempting me with the Mac talk!! Bought the Sony Vaio today =]

  11. I like that photo in the street! Looks like out of a fashion magazine.And I like your dress :)

  12. I really like the pictures you've drawn

  13. ah, love your dress and shoes!

    also the nail colour is perfect !

    I own a dell- a yellow one :)
    I love it and have never had any problems


  14. Beautiful post, your blog is so inspiring! :-o
    Panda xxx

  15. Love the dress. Am buying a Dell Studio soon, heard from friends that it's better than the Inspiron, if more expensive.
    I'm not sold on VDs, saw the first ep and thought it was a bit cheesy for my liking. True Blood allllll the way.

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