Stars & Shorts

I made this necklace out of a big earring the other day, and I'm rather proud of it! I may do it
with other earrings as I seem to own so many, but never wear them. Also, I absolutely love this jacket; it is perfect for Summer as it is lightweight and not too hot =].

My boyfriend and I really need to get sorted and buy Leeds festival tickets on Ebay, because last year we left it until the week before the fest (which is at the end of Aug) and I was SO stressed. I hate being disorganised! If we don't get them bought in the next week I may go insane.

Last year I got sick on the second day and spent the whole weekend sleeping in my tent and eating only dry crackers. Lying in a tent on the cold, hard ground, in a field, surrounded by tens of thousands of people partying all night is not fun when you are ill, believe me! At the end of it I was so upset at wasting my money to get sick and not enjoy the bands, that I said I might not go this year, but... Now I am desperate to go and have a good time! The line-up is pretty good too!

What festivals have you been to/ are you going to this Summer? =]


  1. That jacket is truly adorable !

    - Kaye Anissa

  2. i love the jacket and the necklace! loving your blog header too ;)

  3. i cant believe it is summer and we are having to resort to black opaque tights lol
    i like your shorts...i wish i could pull them off

  4. MargieF - haha, I know! It is not even nearly as warm as I hoped it would be, grr!

  5. I love the jacket! I love star prints.
    I went to a Greek Festival with my boyfriend this summer.
    Thanks for checking out my blog!
    The Treasure Trove

  6. That jacket is pretty much the coolest jacket I've ever seen!

  7. You wouldn't have been on the cold hard ground if you hadn't got so enthusiastic with the airbed and the pump! Someone in work is trying to sell me one but he's saying he wants a fortune for it. I like your earring necklace - nice little DIY! xxx

  8. The reworked necklace looks fabulous!

  9. Frock.. - Charlotte, you and Tom should not have left me in charge of blowing up the airbed when we know how terrible I am at doing anything correctly!!!

  10. Very cute jacket! xxx


  11. thanks for comment
    you look awesome, do you have lipstick at this pics??
    and inception is really amazing film


  12. haha you wont believe this! I have those exact same earrings (which I bought for about $5) and I saw them in a jewelry shop where they sold them for about $1000!!!! I was like: WTF?????????

    well anyway... your outfit is great, I love your haircut! :)


  13. great use of the earrings! so creative!

  14. Such a clever reuse of your earrings! And I steer clear of festivals these days, but I was a Live Aid/Lollapalooza girl back before I started hating huge crowds:)

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