All That Glitters

[Sequined Jacket - Internacionale, Draped Sweater - H&M, Rings & Bag - Topshop]

I wore this to go to dinner & the theatre with my mum earlier this week.
All I can think about when I am shopping at the moment is sweaters & jumpers, which can only mean one thing - Autumn has officially arrived! Yay! In fact, I bought a black & silver jumper dress after work today, which I will show you guys soon =]

Also, any UK bloggers out there who share my guilty pleasure: XFactor?! I can't decide which act is my favourite yet, hmm. I definitely wasn't keen on the styling done on the girlband Belle Amie tonight. Especially the girl wearing the flowing white top, white sequined knickers & black tights; she looked really uncomfortable in it!


  1. x-factor addict right here! wagner has a special place in my heart,
    but my favourites are matt and aiden.

  2. Oh Wagner <3 haha! Yeah, I think Matt may be my favourite!

  3. I love that jacket!

    juliet xxx

  4. love the sequines!!


  5. The jacket is awesome! It shows a lot of personality

  6. i love how you play down the sparkly with a low profile long sleeve shirt.. and its in a great mauve color . i love <3

  7. hi love,

    look at all that bling on u! haha. i think X factor is singlehandedly responsible for cheryl cole (cant get round to the tweedy thing....) being back in the public's consciousness... hope u r well!

    andrea xx
    Life In Technicolor.

  8. I love love love that jacket. LOVE.
    I know what X factor is but i have never watched it...apparently its like american idol?


  9. So glad i tumbled upon your blog today! i have the exact same sequinned blazer in black, but its been collecting dust in my wardrobe cause I have no idea how to wear it, and now I do! Love your blog!

    Debbie xxx