White Wine

These photos are from a night of wine & dancing last weekend, and I have obviously been in a "zebra" state of mind recently, what with purchasing the zebra print Emma Cook boots and then with choosing to wear this zebra-striped H&M dress out!
I have a ten hour shift at work starting at 6am tomorrow and I am very much dreading it. Especially because it is one of my best friend's birthday-night-out tomorrow night and I just know that I am going to be insanely tired for it! Hopefully it will still be lots of fun =]

Have a great weekend everyone; I best get to sleep before my 5am wake-up call (boooo).



I took these photos last weekend when we stopped at services to get coffee on our drive up to Newcastle to visit family. I decided it was far too scenic to pass up photos, and forced the poor freezing cold boy in front of the camera, ha.
He bought this AMAZING plaid jacket with leather sleeves at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and has worn it constantly since. I'm pretty jealous that it didn't come in women's sizes too! I'm also really jealous of his ipod headphones, as they have the clearest, crispest sound everrrr.

Oooh, also, I think I'm going to be in London over part of Fashion Week, which will be exciting. I highly doubt I will get to go to anything fash related, but I thought it was an apt weekend to visit my friend down there. I even love the train journey down, haha!



I went to the theatre in Manchester last night to see The Woman In Black, and it was rather scary. I jumped lots, but was very proud that I managed not to scream aloud once, unlike half the audience!

To the theatre I wore the newest addition to my shoe family, the Emma Cook for Topshop zebra print creeper boots of amazingness that I could never afford at full price in the Autumn.
I found the last pair in the sale at the Liverpool store a few weeks ago for £60, praised the shoe sale gods and went home very happy. Here is what I wore to the theatre (lots of black - very relevant to the play haha) and some photos of the boots. =]


Prints Please

I can't avoid the fact that the SS10 runways were awash with prints, despite the fact that for some reason I almost always opt for the safety of the block-coloured item. So I have decided to step out of my safety zone and start giving prints the love that they deserve this Spring!

And what better way to begin a love affair with prints than with these AMAZING ss10 Givenchy wedges covered in stripes, zigzags and spots? I think owning one of these pairs of shoes may be wish number two for my non-existant Fairy Godmother/ Genie!


Ice Uniform

[Sweater - Primark approx 3 yrs ago, Jeans - Topshop, Buckled Boots - River Island, Headband - H&M]
As I said in my previous post, I've been rather unadventurous in my dressing lately due to the ice & snow chaos that has taken over the UK this winter. My "ice" uniform pretty much consists of black jeans, some sort of cardigan/sweater and boots or wellies, and when I dressed for dinner and drinks with the boy & friends on Saturday I was, as usual, in the "ice" mindset.

This gold and black striped top is one of my favourite warm items of clothing, as it is pretty long so can be worn as a sweater dress, or folded up to be worn as a sweater.
I had a great night at dinner; Mexican food, lots of hysterical laughter, wine and cocktails, which is a good combination!

Also, if there is a Fairy Godmother/ Genie reading this please note that my first wish is for this Alexander McQueen ring. Ah, a girl can dream!


Snow Blindness

More snow! The weather in the UK hasn't been this cold and icy for over thirty years apparently, and it was -6 degrees celcius yesterday evening when we were walking to the pub! I must admit that this weather has meant that I am being completely unimaginative in my dressing. The UK is so unprepared for the amount of ice and snow we're having that there isn't enough grit or salt to put on the streets and it isn't worth attempting to walk anywhere in anything other than wellies or the one pair of flat baseball-style boots with a good grip I own. I am so clumsy I would only fall and break something!

However, I have got to wear my favourite coat; my faux-fur, which I bought on ebay last year. It is SO warm! Plus I am enjoying walking everywhere all snuggled up, with my ipod on loud.




I celebrated with the boy and friends at Charl's apartment party; it was 80s themed and was muchos fun!

I cannot believe it is 2010 already. It seems as though everything should feel completely fresh and new, what with "new year's resolutions" and new calendars being taken out of their packaging, but really life just ambles along as normal, one year merging into the next. strange.

My resolutions this year involve spending less, going to the gym more, finding a proper graduate job... And lots of other things! Hopefully I can fulfill some of my wishes for 2010, and goodluck to anyone else trying to keep resolutions this year! =]

Here is to a (hopefully) fantastic 2010!