Bang Bang

I adore the Balmain bullet belt (ah, how I love alliteration), but if I owned it I'm sure I would accidently wear it to an airport and cause a major security alert! It is a rather exciting piece, though rather on the controversial side of accessories.

Still no camera, where it has gone is anyone's guess. I'm becoming more and more sure that I have somehow thrown it away?! I had to use my old fuji finepix the other night, it was very depressing, but better than no camera at all I suppose!


Spring Fling

D&G Bag, Topshop Wedges, Acne Skirt, Miu Miu Sunglasses
This Spring I would love to own these items. Sadly, money does not grow on trees and so I won't be, haha!
I did try the Topshop wedges on last week; big mistake because they are completely amazing and I almost bought them when I'm meant to be on a shopping ban whilst I save up money. Oops! I managed to restrain myself from reaching into my bag and handing my debit card over to the saleswoman, thank goodness!! I still haven't found my camera, so I might have to make a rather large payout for a new one anyway =[. Gutted.
Have a good week everyone!!


Gone Baby Gone

I've lost my camera =[. And to make it worse I've lost it in the house somewhere! How can that happen?! The last time I had it was in the lounge, so it has clearly grown little camera legs and ran away. Very annoying!

These photos were taken before my camera hid itself, on a rather nice (but cold) wander down to the Marine lake, where we let Alfie dog swim. This was a big mistake as he didn't dry off for about 24 hours, but proceeded to jump on our bed at least three times whilst still wet - argh!

Thanks to those of you who entered to take part in the Reebok trial; I have emailed the winner =]

[Blazer - Vintage, studded pants - Internacionale, Boots - River Island, Bag - Topshop, Sunglasses - Rayban]


Reebok Easytone Trial Opportunity

Reebok have contacted me about a pretty exciting new product of theirs; the EasyTone trainer, which they are asking UK & Dutch bloggers to trial. I am really looking forward to trialling the trainers (anything that can help with extra toning sounds good to me), especially as it will encourage me to go to the gym more!

Plus, Rebook are allowing me to invite one of you lovely people to take part in the trial also. This means that you will recieve a pair of EasyTone trainers, as well as a training kit so that you can be fully kitted out in Reebok gear!

So, if you would like to try out some exciting sounding new sports shoes (which obviously you can keep) all you need to do is leave me a comment here letting me know you are interested, along with your full name and your email address. Only comments with name & email in will be considered. Oh and sadly you must be from the UK too.

I will pick one commenter at random using a fancy number generator at 5pm Sunday, and will then pass your details onto Reebok so that they can send you your invitation code to join the trialists website, where you can then pick what style and size of trainers & kit you would like! At the end of the trial you'll share your experiences on the trialist website.
Yay. So, if you are from the UK and would like to trial the shoes along with myself & other bloggers make sure you comment! =]


Yes (Please) Master

I have a never ending head cold and four 5am wake-up calls this week. Not fun! So to cheer us all (read: me) up, lets look at some gorgeous lingerie!
Now, I must admit that I'm not very good at parting with lots of money for underwear. However, I am on a bit of a self imposed shopping ban at the moment, in order to save up for Summer fun and so I have been thinking less about frivilous spending on yet another item of clothing I don't need, and more about the little things (like underwear) that can make you just as happy, and will most likely get more wear than another pair of black heels.

Yes Master lingerie exhibited their new collection at Somerset House, and they were one of the designers at the exhibition that really caught my eye, probably because beforehand I hadn't realised I could enjoy browsing lingerie as much as dresses and shoes!
Obviously these pieces aren't necessarily for everyday wear, and some pieces are strictly burlesque (the amazing green feathered pants for example), but wearing something like the skull & cross bones bra/pants set underneath one's work uniform on an awful, long day at work would make everything right with the world!