I am loving this editorial from the July issue of Velvet, shot by Enrique Badulescu; I am going on holiday on Wednesday, and although it won't be practical for me to dress so decadently for lounging by the pool, I kind of wish that I could!
Edit: I go on holiday tomorrow morning, have a great week everyone; will be back next Wednesday!!


Zip It Up + Music Tee

I wore this for lunch & window shopping with the boy today. I love this jacket, which I picked up at Primark a few months ago, but (as usual) had never worn until today. My normal rule with Primark is to only buy basics (plain t-shirts, pumps, plain jeans) there, but I couldn't resist this. It isn't clear from the photos, but the gold trim is actually gold coloured zipper teeth.

Also, I was emailed last week about The Music Tee, created by Jeremy Wineberg, which is a project that combines music & fashion (pretty much my two favourite things along with chocolate(!)) with the creation of t-shirts featuring album artwork on the front & a tracklisting on the back. They also include a unique code on the label that lets you download the album itself at the website.
I love the idea of being able to buy a great "band t-shirt" & the singer/band's album in one purchase! Buying music isn't particularly fun anymore; I remember when I was younger & I would go straight to the shops when an album I wanted came out & buy it on CD; it was exciting. Now, all I do is press 'download' on itunes, which is pretty boring. So to be able to buy a great tee & then download the album sounds like it would bring back the thrill of buying a CD album!

The Music Tee launches in the UK today, with Daisy Dares You performing at Selfridges London at 6pm =]


Just add...

Day Birger Et Mikkelsen sequined tee
Givenchy suede wedges
Mizuki braided leather bracelet
[Just add skinny black pants & you're ready to leave the house!]