[I love that little party girl]

[Black lace dress - H&M Trend, Layered necklace - Forever 21, Belt - Unknown, Shoes - Primark]

These photos were taken during one of my best friend's 23rd birthday celebrations last weekend. I love this dress, it isn't too short so I will be able to wear it for slightly more formal occasions in future, plus I love the fact that it has double breasted buttons all the way down it.
I had to include some food porn in the form of the amazing chocolate truffle cake that my friend's mother made for her birthday. Home made cake is always the most delicious!

Now I am heading over to Style.com to catch up on LFW; despite getting down to London for a few days in Feb, I've been so busy over the last couple of months that I've had to neglect anything LFW related & therefore I feel completely clueless right now; not good!

P.S I bought some shoes & a new necklace recently & I'm thinking of making my first vlog to showcase them; would that be something you lovely people would want to see? =]



[Studded silk blazer - Topshop, two-tone dress - H&M, boots - Internacionale]

I've been busy this weekend with both my younger brother's 16th birthday & one of my best friend's 23rd birthday. I'm pretty sure both of them had great days & they both liked the presents I bought them, so all is good!

I wore this to my brother's birthday meal, which was held at Sapporo teppanyaki restaurant. It was so much fun watching the chefs cook in front of us on a giant hot plate! And the salmon teriyaki I ate was probably the most delicious salmon I have ever eaten. Yum. Wish I had taken a photo of it!!


Leather & Flags

[Tee - Topman, Leather skirt - Vintage, Red belt - vintage, grey pumps - Primark £2 wonders]

Apologies for being AWOL from the blog for approximately three million years!
Leeds festival was loads of fun (except for the part where I had £150 stolen from me as I slept - how I didn't wake up is beyond me).

There were some amazing performances; Arcade Fire, Foxy Shazam, Weezer, Biffy Clyro, The Cribs, Gallows, Cancer Bats, Blink 182, Billy Talent... Even Guns N' Roses was pretty good, though Axl Rose had about 6 outfit changes!

Plus, there were many hilarious moments around the campfire with a can of cider, and the silent disco was so good that we entered about 2am, and then about 10 minutes later I looked at my watch and it was 4.45am haha.

Now I am back living at the boyfriend's house whilst his mam works abroad for a few months, which is fun since he does all the cooking, haha. Tonight he made delicious Red thai curry =]