Bento Box Time

On our last night in Vancouver, my boyfriend's mum took us to one of her favourite Japanese restaurants near the apartment (Junsei River on Robson) for a Bento Box dinner. I think I chose option C, which included chicken yaki soba, tempura veg & prawns, salad, california rolls & fruit. It was delicious, and, seriously, I could eat tempura prawns every day. Fact.
Apologies for the fact that I am wearing the same studded jumper as a few posts down; it is just so warm and cosy, I love it!


An Ode To Vancouver

Probably the longest ever gap in posting has just occured; eek! But I am back with a vengence... OK, not with a vengence; with lots of photos from my recent holiday in Vancouver!

My boyfriend's parents live in downtown Vancouver (on West Georgia to be precise!) and I was lucky to get the chance to join him in staying with them last week. I have visited Vancouver once before, when they were originally apartment hunting in 2007, and I loved it even more this time =]. I am very jealous of all who live there!

We ate lots of nice food (including an insanely large caramel/chocolate apple, which I am convinced must be the food of the gods), visited Bowen Island and walked a trail, shopped, took lots of photos, watched my first ice hockey game, had crazy jetlag, walked for hours and even did the tourist thing and went up to the viewing deck in the Harbour Centre... Fun.