It's Been Christmas, It Has.

1. Christmas Day. New Urban Outfitter's tee.
2. Alfie dog in the snow <3. So cute.
3. My friends & I out on Christmas Eve. "Disguise" courtesy of an amazing cracker!
4. Christmas Table =]



[Dress - Thunder Egg, Shrunken Tux Jacket - Primark, Rings - Topshop, Leather look leggings - Topshop, Hi-tops - H&M]

So, I turned 23 on Monday!
I celebrated with Italian food, cheesecake, cocktails & best friends. Perfect. I wanted to wear heeled boots, but it was too snowy so I had to wear sensible shoes!

I got some lovely gifts, including an Ipod Touch & dock, Hotel Chocolat goodies, David Attenborough DVDs (wildlife documentaries = <3), horror cupcake recipe book (can't wait to attempt anatomically correct heart shaped red velvets (seriously)!), feathered 'madame' slippers, UO tee I've wanted for ages & lots of other amazing things =].

Three days until Christmas!


Birthdays, Snow, Christmas Jumpers

It was my boyfriend's birthday yesterday :). We spent the day in Manchester, vistited the Xmas markets, wandered round the insanely busy shops & then met up with friends to eat some amazing food! When we were in the restaurant it began to snow... By the time I made it back home the snow was at 12cm and this morning... 20cms! I still have to go to work though, boo!

1. My outfit (taken pre-snow!)
2. Amazing mediterranean platter; the chilli halloumi was gorgeous!
3. One of his friends got my boyfriend a "Christmas" jumper for his birthday. He loves it!
4. Me at the restaurant.
5. The snow when I got home at 11pm


Wishlist Of Amazingness

It is my birthday in eight days & Christmas day in 13.
This is my completely unrealistic wishlist of expensive items. Everything on it is absolutely gorgeous!

What is on your unrealistic Christmas wishlist?


Winter Walks

Went on the perfect Winter walk beside the frozen canal this weekend. Crunching through icy puddles is such a simple, yet completely satisfying pleasure! We even picked sloe berries; Christmas drinks will be extra fun with homemade Sloe Gin! =]
I bought this 70s style coat from Miss Selfridge when I was about 15. I wore it that year, but for about 6 years it has sat in my wardrobe untouched... Until now! It is so warm and cosy; I am so glad I never got rid of it as it is the best Winter walk coat!


Pink Rocks Yes

OK, so I LOVE these.
I don't think I've ever wanted pink shoes so much!
[Jeffrey Campbell Pink Rock S/S Capsule Collection]