Protect & Serve

[Tee - Primark men's, Jeggings (I know, I hate that word but...) - Internacionale, Oversized cardigan - H&M, Studded bag - Urban Outfitters, My go-to boots - River Island]

I am currently enjoying a long weekend off work :). I had my hair cut today (the fringe had grown insanely long) & did some shopping. I bought a birthday present for one of my best friends, whose birthday is tomorrow, as well as a dress from Topshop & tee from Topman for myself!

Speaking of shopping at Topman, I can't stop eyeing up men's t-shirts recently. The tee in these photos is from Primark men's section; I probably shop there more than the woman's section to be honest - if I ever need a basic white/grey/black tee that is were I head to first.

Also, this bag was a recent sale bargain from Urban Outfitters. It was £20, reduced from £60 & I love the colour, the shape, the studs. I just love it. There is nothing quite like a brand new bag... Except, maybe, a brand new pair of shoes ;)!


It Takes Two, Baby

Two Lots of two favourites ;)

Dianna & Emma looked stunning at the Globes; it certainly helps that they are both drop dead gorgeous, aswell as wearing beautiful dresses! I also love both of these lady's outfits from Stockholm Streetstyle. Two statement coats & to-die-for boots.

Let me know if you guys have Twitter/Tumblr! Follw me & I will, of course, follow you back :)!


Precious Metal

I slipped away to take these photos during my first ever attempt at poker with family & friends on Friday night. I folded too early a few times & won absolutely nothing, but it was fun! I'm going to brush up on my skills & become a world class poker player ;) haha.

All rings are Topshop; it is far too easy to wander into Topshop & accidently purchase a ring & I do it way too often!
My most recent buy is the large pink stone, which I am very pleased with, even if it is somehow larger now than it felt in the shop?! No idea how my fingers have shrunk...!


Glitz & Movies

I love this H&M cardigan, which I bought months ago and never got round to wearing (as usual). The silver detailing is beads & it feels quite heavy to wear, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

I saw The Kings Speech on Sunday night & Black Swan tonight. I really enjoyed Black Swan; it was a great psychological thriller, but I loved The Kings Speech. This is probably because I hadn't been particularly looking forward to seeing it, so how good it is was a nice surprise. Colin Firth deserves an Oscar for his performance as King George VI methinks.
Everyone should see both movies! :)


2011 Is Here!

...Suddenly it was 2011.

Whether you have read my blog for three years, two months, or even if this is your first visit, I hope that 2011 is an amazing year for you! :)