Wearing & Wanting

[Blazer - Vintage, Tee - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - Primark, Boots - Koi Couture]

I wore this for a wander into town today (bought lipstick, eyeliner, a ring and ingredients to make nachos(!)) on my day off work.

What I really need to do, though, is some hardcore shopping for my holiday in three weeks. I am going on a three week mini roadtrip round California & into Nevada for a few days in Las Vegas. I won't be able to pack too many clothes because we will have to fit our suitcases into our rental car for the roadtrip so I'm looking for lots of versatile pieces that can be worn a few times.

To be honest, I probably don't need that many new Summer clothes, but pre-holiday shopping is just so much fun, I can't resist! Does anyone else feel this way about pre-holiday purchasing?!

Anyway, have a great week everyone! :)

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Still in love with Judas

So, a few days ago, my laptop went up in smoke. Literally. It started to make a rattling noise and then whisps of smoke started to appear out of the side of it!
Needless to say, it has been sent off for repairs, so I have been and am going to be laptop-less for a few weeks. Luckily my younger brother is kind enough to lend me his sometimes & I have the Ipad (although I'm still a novice where using it is concerned)!

I wore this outfit out on Saturday night. I didn't manage to get a full outfit shot I'm afraid, so I had to resort to the old "photograph your own legs" trick! I love this dress; it is so much fun & we all know I can never resist leopard print..!

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Wishing In Pink

YSL necklace
Sam Edelman "Kendall" wedges
Acne dress
See By Chloe mini cross-body bag

I've been itching to post this wishlist all week (I do love to torture myself with wishlists of items I don't and most likely can't have), but I lent my boyfriend my laptop for a few days whilst he was in another city. I've been using the Ipad, which I love, but it isn't very blogging-friendly...Well, maybe it is, but I'm an Ipad novice so coudn't cope!

I need more colour in my wardrobe for Summer & that shocking pink is rather appealing! :)

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The Team

[Liverpool FC Home Shirt, Jacket - H&M, Headscarf - DIY, Sunglasses -Primark]

So, I am a proud fan of Liverpool FC & on Sunday, me and the boyfriend took a trip their playing ground, Anfield, to watch them play against Newcastle. I hadn't been to see a football match live since February so I was rather excited!We won 3-0, so it was a rather successful day out! :)

Of course I had to wear my football shirt, but I thought I'd attempt to jazz it up a bit.

Headscarf + sunglasses + exact colour matching jersey motorcycle jacket (seriously, I didn't realise I owned a jacket in Liverpool red until I threw it on ;)) = my football watching outfit!
Do any of you lovely people have a favourite sports team?

Also, mine & my boyfriend's brand spanking new food blog; Cook, Eat, Treat is live! Our first recipe is for amazing asparagus soup. Check it out!